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EuroVolley: Russia the best in pool C

Russia finished group phase in EuroVolley without any losing. On Sunday they defeated in three sets Azerbaijan. In second match Croatia was better than Belarus. For Azerbaijan the adventure in EuroVolley is finished.     Belarus – Croatia 0:3 (19:25, 10:25, 19:25)   Belarus: Palcheuskaya (2), Kalinouskaya (1), Harelik (8), Malasai, Baryshevich (7), Mikhailenko (6), Pauliukouskaya (L) oraz Tumas (3), Tsupranava (1), Markevich (5) Croatia: Grbac (4), Popovic (1), Topic (14), Jerkov (13), Poljak (9), Milos (4), Malevic (L) Fabris (16), Cutuk (1)   The favourite match between Croatia and Belarus was of course team of Croatia and they...

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EuroVolley: Russia leads pool C

Both matches in pool C in EuroVolley finished after fourth sets. Belarus showed their force and won first match in this tournament, beating Azerbaijan. Russia was better than Croatia and for this moment is a leader in pool C with two victories     Azerbaijan – Belarus 1:3 (23:25, 20:25, 25:17, 22:25)   Azerbaijan: Kovalenko (11), Aliyeva (13), Abdulazimova (1), Gasimova (5), Mammadova (26), Rahimova (18), Korotenko (L) Gurbanova, Kiselyova, Habibova Belarus: Tumas (2), Palcheuskaya (2), Harelik (15), Shevchenko, Malasai (2), Baryshevich (16), Pauliukouskaya (L) oraz Kalinouskaya (3), Klimovich, Tsupranava, Markevich (12), Mikhailenko (17)  Azerbaijan in first set had a big chance to winning. They leaded 16:6 but wasted the opportunity and allowed Belarus catch a good rhythm. In the result Belarus won 25:23. Representation of Belarus kept high form and in easy way took second set. Azerbaijan in third set played great in attack and it was a key element to winning this part of game. Belarus came back to good disposition in block and finally finished the match after four sets. It was first victory for Belarus, on Friday they lost with Russia team.   Team stats: Team Spike actions Spike % Block Serve Reception Pos. exc. Errors Azerbajian 133 44% 11 5 67% 36% 23 Belarus 123 41% 17 1 59% 30% 16   Team Leaders: Players Points Spike points Spike % Spike errors Block Serve...

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EuroVolley: Popovic defeated Azerbaijan, small problems of Russia

First day of EuroVolley in pool C was pretty good for team of Croatia and Russia. Croatia easily defeated Azerbaijan and Russia had small problems with Belarus. Finally, team of Russia finished the match after fourth sets.    Azerbaijan – Croatia 0:3 (15:25, 23:25, 21:25)   Azerbaijan: Aliyeva (5), Abdulazimova (3), Parkhomenko (4), Gasimova (2), Mammadova (9), Rahimova (15), Korotenko (L) and Kiselyova, Habibova Croatia: Grbac (5), Topic (11), Jerkov (6), Milos (8), Popovic (17), Pojlak (9), Malević (L)   It wasn’t a tough match for Croatia. Azerbaijan was worse in each element of volleyball. Mainly Croatia had an advantage in attack and serve. The representation of Azerbaijan had a good moments in second set. They played on the high level and had opportunity to victory, but in the end Croatia showed huge force and after exciting finish won 25:23. First and third set was unilateral and Croatia didn’t feel the danger.   Team Stats:   Actions Spike actions Spike % Block Serve Reception Pos. Exc. Unforced errors Azerbaijan 72 44% 3 3 40% 22% 19 Croatia 76 57% 5 8 62% 42% 21       Players Points Spike points Spike % Spike errors Block Serve Polina Rahimova 15 14 64% 2 0 1 Sanja Popovic 17 15 60% 4 0 2     Belarus – Russia 1:3 (21:25, 25:22, 14:25, 14:25) Belarus: Tumas (1), Palcheuskaya (1), Harelik...

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CHL: Zaksa survived in Maaseik

In the second match play-off phase of the Champions League ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle in Belgium survived a real torture. On the way to the best six Champions League stood Noliko Maaseik. After the quick victory in the first duel, few expected such hard resistance of the Belgians. Finally, ZAKSA won the match in a tie-break and advanced to the best six of Champions League.   The premiere set heralded big troubles of ZAKSA in this fight. Noliko presented a very solid volleyball and in the end showed a strong character. However, the next two sets were very one-sided. In the  easy...

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CHL: Zaksa did not give a chance to Maaseik

Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozle in the first match of the second phase Champions League in three sets won over Noliko Maaseik, but it was not an easy match for the polish team. Belgians in second and third sets showed good volleyball.   The first set could lull the fans and players. Zaksa played a fantastic game, very quickly fled on 8:1. They played perfectly in the attack, and after 20 minutes they enjoyed winning the first set.   However, Noliko didn’t surrender and two next sets played at a decent level, what was a cause a lot of problems of...

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