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Farewell Janet Wanja

Janet Wanja from Kenya has retired in order to avoid a painful exit from the national team and un-ceremonial dismissal due to her age. The decorated setter has played for the national team for over 10 years. However, considering what happened last year to other more experienced players, which were dropped on the grounds of age, Wanja decided it’s time to quit. Wanja didn’t believe it was likely for her to appear in the team, even though she has always given her best when playing for her country. But, due to the present situation, she decided that it’s best...

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The Value of Investing in Volleyball

Volleyball is the world’s fifth most popular sport, with 900 million global fans putting it ahead of basketball, NFL, baseball and golf. Its popularity is soaring around the world, and the spotlight thrown on it by the Olympics every four years is a huge boost. Brazil won gold in the final of the 2016 Rio Games and will be going for the World League later this year in what looks a very competitive field, also featuring defending champion Serbia, along with powerhouses Italy and the USA. Volleyball is easy to understand and does not have complicated rules, while it...

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A Look at the Differences Between Beach Volleyball and Indoor Volleyball

There are a lot of similarities between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. For starters, they are equally exciting to follow, especially with some international competitions currently in progress. The size of the court as well as the net and ball are also similarities between these two types of volleyball games. On the other hand, there are a lot of differences between the two sports too. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at those differences. Environment One of the biggest differences between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball is the environment in which these two games...

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Volleyball Training Mistakes You Have to Avoid

Just as with every single sport out there, training is vital in determining if the athlete is going to be successful or not. It is really important to adapt and train properly for long term results. Unfortunately, most athletes are going to train in an improper way. Always be sure you avoid the following volleyball training mistakes if you want to be faced with great results. Not Taking Volleyball Specificity Into Account Coaches and athletes so often make the huge mistake of not using specificity. This is a principle that states training has to match a sport’s specific physical...

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World League 2017 Teams to Watch

The Volleyball World League will be one of the hottest fixtures this summer and fans and volleyball enthusiasts can’t wait for it to start. Who will be the winner? Here are the teams you should watch. However, for many of them the summer is too far away and they try to keep those excitement levels up by reading detailed previews of volleyball and other sports matches on In this article we will try to do the same thing that the people at Sports, Bets and Tips (SBAT) do and we will try to analyze the three most exciting...

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