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FIVB World League to Bring New Kind of Enthusiasm and Thrill

Mar de Plata city in Argentina is to host the finale of 2013 World League from 17th July to 21st July. About 8000 spectators can take the pleasure of this match at Islas Malvinas hall.     This host country and city is known for organizing the popular volleyball events – FIVB World League Final Round of 1999, FIVB Men’s World Championships in 2002 and 3 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Opens from 1998 to 2000. You will find the top class 12 teams in pool A and B and in pool C there will be 6 teams to...

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Life’s a Beach Game review

If there is one sport which is not always taken entirely seriously – especially in the UK – it is beach volleyball, either for viewing or for betting on.     Indeed despite the fact that it is now part of the Olympics, many still consider this sport to be vaguely amusing (at best) in Britain, but this probably has as much to do with the beach-oriented nature of it as the sport itself. After all, it has its origins in sun-kissed areas like California and Hawaii, and this can make it difficult for people in rainy Britain to...

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FIVB Club World Championships Venues Questioned

With the FIVB announcing that it will be Switzerland and Brazil who will share hosting duties of the Women’s and Men’s Club World Championships respectively over the next three years, things are clearly getting a bit of a shakeup.     Switzerland get their first ever role as hosts of the Club World Championships when they host the Women’s edition in October of 2013, while the Men’s edition will be heading to Brazil in the same month. Along with it being the first time that Switzerland getting the honour of hosting, it is the first time that FIVB have...

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Dealing with Volleyball Injuries the Natural Way

Like players of most action-packed sports involving short, sharp bursts of speed, people who play volleyball can often suffer from sporting injuries. Most are not season-ending or career-ending and according to the Physician and Sports Medicine journal, the majority of injured players are only out of action for four days or less. However some people still turn to forms of medication that can have negative side effects.     Patellar tendonitis is one of the most common volleyball-related injuries and accounts for four fifths of overuse injuries. It is characterized by knee pain exacerbated when the sufferer moves from...

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Increase Your Power with Proteins and Carbohydrates

Volleyball players wishing to improve their performance during games often turn their attention to increasing the size and strength of their muscles. Not only do resistance exercises and weight training help to build arm, shoulder and leg muscles allowing the execution of the variety of moves required during a game, but increased core muscle strength can help when hitting and blocking and will aid stability during play.   Stronger muscles also allow greater endurance and injury is less likely; something which can otherwise prove frustrating to players who are forced to sit out and watch as their team mates...

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