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How a dream in green came true?

Or just Teteven Volley Is there a person who really inspires me? Recently I ask myself this question so often. And especially in the days around the holidays when everyone takes stock. Well, the situation with me is a bit different … Because the people (not only one single person), whom I am going to talk about, constantly evolve, struggling to reach the cherished goal, having achieved so much not only in the area where they “create” (I think that is the right word – because somehow they’re creating happiness for others), but also in their professional life. These are positive people, from which...

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Anatomy of a Volleyball Player

Volleyball may be a mostly non-contact sport, but that doesn’t mean its players aren’t at extreme risk for a plethora of injuries.   Due to the constant swift movements, as well as the often awkward landings and slides, players can incur a game-changing injury in mere seconds. Once these injuries occur, it’s not unusual for surgery or extensive periods of rehabilitation to take place, removing the player from the game for extended periods of time or indefinitely. Once an injury has occurred, it is not uncommon for it to reoccur in the future. The location of the injury becomes...

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Volleyball: The Importance Of The Mental Spike

   Success in any sport depends on a lot of things. There’s talent of course. Conditions. Venue. Opposition. That’s just to name a few. But where success mostly lies is in the mind. Muhammed Ali wouldn’t have been ‘The Greatest’ if he hadn’t believed so, Michael Phelps would be without 22 Olympic medals if his mind wasn’t in the right place, and the same applies to the Brazil volleyball team, who wouldn’t have medalled in all four events at the 2012 Games if they weren’t fully prepared. Whether it be boxing, swimming, volleyball, or even poker or chess, the...

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Lloy Ball: I would be a combination of all the coaches I played for

Lloy Ball in an exclusive interview for VolleyContry:  When my children are older, I may become a professional coach.  I would like to start my coaching career in a country where good young players need knowledge of the game and direction on how to compete and play at high levels – said one of the best setters ever. Lloy Ball spoke about his plans, volleyball memories and current events. Cezary Makarewicz: Can you tell something about your life after the ending of your volleyball career? What are you doing at the moment? Lloy Ball: I have been very busy...

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What Should You Eat to Be at Your Best for a Game?

Royalty free photo Unlike endurance sports, volleyball is stop and go, which is a good thing in terms of nutrition as you will have plenty of opportunities to stop for a drink or an energy bar during a match.  It’s important to remember that even the greatest volleyball players need to follow good nutrition to be on top of their game, and having enough energy to perform at your best is vital.  Keep reading to find out how to keep your body properly hydrated and nourished in the run up to a match. The Day of the Match On...

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Online mini volleyball course

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Knee pads

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  • Greek NT 2018
    Djuric said he won't play in the August qualification games, as he'll be recovering from his current injury. However this really shouldn't be a loss considering the level of competition in our group -Sweden, Azerbaijan and Luxembourg. I don't know what is going to happen with Fillipov as well, the past 2 seasons he didn't […]
  • Argentina NT 2018
    The warm-up of Chinese NT against Argentina NT in Argentina will start on one day from May 8 to May 13. The wide roster of Chinese NT is given by CVA (and me). Who knows the wide roster of Argentina NT?
  • Usa Nt 2018
    The list came out today. Women’s National Team Preliminary Roster for FIVB Volleyball Nations League # - Player (Position, Height, College, Hometown) 1 – Micha Hancock (S, 5-11, Penn State, Edmond, Oklahoma) 3 – Carli Lloyd (S, 5-11, California, Bonsall, California) 4 – Justine Wong-Orantes (L, 5-6, Nebraska, Cypress, California) 5 – Rachael Adams (M, […]


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