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How to Choose a Summer Volleyball Camp

Does your son or daughter want to get better at volleyball over the summer? The best way for them to do just that is to attend a summer volleyball camp. Sure, you could buy them a portable volleyball kit for backyard volleyball, but they’d have no one to play with. If they go to camp, your child will get totally immersed in volleyball. Plus, they’ll meet new people and practice forming a close team dynamic with strangers. Before you send your kid to volleyball camp, you probably have some questions about how to choose the right one. Here are...

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Volleyball at the Olympics

Volleyball has been an Olympic sport since 1957 and it was featured for the first time at the Olympic Games in 1964. Olympic volleyball is always exciting.   This year is an Olympic year and nothing is more thrilling for a volleyball fan than the Olympics. Moreover, next year it will be 50 years since the IOC reached a decision, a very wise decision indeed, to include volleyball as one of the Olympic sports. So, it is more than appropriate to say something about volleyball and its prominence at the Olympic Games. There’s nothing quite like watching the Olympic...

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The Basics of Betting on Volleyball

If you are a volleyball fan and know a lot about the game, you might be interested in betting on volleyball. Here are the types of bets that bookies offer.   If you follow volleyball and think you know enough, it may be a good idea to try and earn some money. We don’t mean become a player, because it takes a bit more than watching for that. But you can try and place a few bets on volleyball matches and see how it goes. Sports betting does involve luck, but it also requires understanding, especially if you want...

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World League that smells like Rio

A record number of 36 countries just entered in the episode Nº 27 of the most commercial volleyball competition – FIVB World League. The summer volleyball season just started in the World League and the 36 participants will be divided into 3 main groups (divisions). What calls us our attention is also the fact that during the first edition of the tournament in 1990 only 8 teams took part in the competition. Which means that the number of the participants has multiplied almost 5 times. Thanks to the widening and the change in the formula in the tournament during...

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Beach Volleyball Teams to Watch for Olympic Medals

Who could be the favorites to grab medals in beach tournament in Rio 2016 Olympics? Let’s start with the Italian’s Men team that is out-strutting its stuff after being together for only two years. Ranghieri-Carambula have really shown the competition what being a non-standard team with complementing skills is all about.      Winners of the Doha Open in Qatar by putting together a perfect 7/0 wins gives the guys their second pair of Gold medals, also making them a safe bet for the Rio Olympics this summer.  The Italian Men’s Beach Volleyball pair, who started playing together in...

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