Author: Ioana Pristavu

Extremely Surprising Season in French League

Unquestionably, the French championship has been giving us a lot of uncertainties, being perhaps the last European league to start and also due to the events of previous year, when St. Raphael claimed the final against all odds. Therefore, this weekend we had the chance to watch and live almost all the games of the 5th leg, the derby Mulhouse – RC Cannes has been rescheduled on the 30th of November. Isabelle Haak, ‘la surprise du chef’, tops the rankings of scorers with 23 points and 89% efficiency against Vandoeuvre Nancy, securing the first place for Béziers after only 5 games...

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Volleyball lost a fight

  We are currently living times when freedom of speech and other fundamental human rights should be not be doubted or questioned whatsoever. It looks like the Romanian volleyball federation seems to be disobeying exactly the reasons why innocent people had fought for in December 1989: human rights and liberties. The scandal started in early 2015, when Romanian volleyball player, Alexandra Sobo, decided to leave the national team camp due to a severe shoulder injury. The Romanian federation decided then to fine the player for simulating an injury despite the fact that Alexandra had shown medical documents confirming her...

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Earvin Ngapeth guilty of hitting three people

Recently crowned as European championship with the French national team, young and restless Earvin Ngapeth comes back in the spotlights, this time involved in a car accident he caused himself. The Italian newspapers claim that the French player hit three people on the night of 6th November, around 3:30 a.m while passing in front of a night club in Modena. Two victims suffered light injuries, while the third one, a 41 years old man, is seriously injured. The recently nominated the new French volleyball star insisted to pass his sincere excuses to all people involved: the victims, the families,...

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RC Cannes Hegemony Over?

It keeps going on well for the capital team, Paris St. Cloud has lost so far only one set and that against Nantes VB (3-1). Great team work for Stijn Morand’s girls and an amazing scoring for the couple Fiesoli-Coolman (42 pts). The other team fighting for the leadership is Mulhouse, that seems to have found their way back to the top board, despite their difficult victory against last placed Terville Florange (3-1).       By far, the ‘sensational’ comes from the south of France, where the team that last year was saved from being downgraded – St....

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Team Yavbou strikes again! World League, European title…what’s next?

Sunday evening, 18th of October, an Armeec Arena packed:  France became European queen after striking a clear victory against Slovenia.     Already famous for their comeback, les bleus could not have caved in for the last act: unbelievable overthrow in the second set, undefeated Grebennikov, amazing Rouzier exquisitely served by Toniutti, one showman on the court: Earvin Ngapeth and one an inspired Laurent Tillie. Voilà, this is the secret of an incredible season! Team Yavbou definitely wrote history tonight, as this is the first time they manage to claim an European title after numerous attempts. Nonetheless, this amazing...

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