Author: Ivan Jimenez

FIVB World League 2015…Like Game of Thrones!!!

Do you believe in fairytales?  Well, this is what we’ve witnessed during the Big Final of this year’s edition of FIVB World League. The big stars of this great event were France and Serbia. Nobody (and I could repeat it millions of times) thought we would  watch exactly those two teams playing for the title in the most commercial international volleyball tournament. Neither Laurent Tillie, nor Nikola Grbic had expected this successful outcome. Neither France, nor Serbia had won the title in this tournament  before, although Serbia if had already played final matches (vs.  Brazil in 2008 & 2009)....

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FIVB World League 2015…The Moment of the Truth!

On Wednesday the best six teams in FIVB World League 2015 will start their fight for the naming themselves “Winner”.  The  hosts from Brazil, the USA, Italy, France, Serbia and Italy will give their best  to achieve the prestigious first spot. Of course, supporters around the globe expect amazing rallies and a lot of positive volleyball emotions.  Let’s see how the teams presented till now in FIVB World League … USA (9-3), last year’s champion is still one of the favorites and has great opportunities  to repeat their success  again. They dominated the most difficult Pool facing Poland, Iran...

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World League Volleyball, Week 9…Getting Closer to the Winners!

After five years out of  FIVB Volleyball World League, Egypt won group 3 when in a not for the faint-hearted game, beat a great Montenegro Team (20-25, 25-21, 23-25, 25-23, 9-15). Both teams looked  had some chances  as they have both  won 6 games out of 7 before the final match. Egypt serve was the clue to the victory as they dominated  9-4 in aces and also caused troubles to Montenegro’s reception. Also, left handed captain Ahmed Abdelhay was an important factor in the match as he had  added 22 points. Mohamed Masoud helped with 3 block points (11...

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World League Volleyball, week 8…Vive la France!!!

With a 10-0 record with seven 3-0 victories and only one 3-2 game, France demonstrates  that Intercontinental group 2 in FIVB World League is not the place to stay. We should also remember, that in last year’s edition of FIVB World Championship they finished in an honorable fourth spot. I think that France can win the pass to the finals but not before they face a strong opposition in the face of Belgium, Bulgaria and the other qualified team group two. If this happens, France will be a tough nut to crack in the finals. On group three in...

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World League Volleyball, week 7…Surprises or not?

Only two weeks ago it  would seem that Iran would fall into the abyss of titans like Russia. But no! With a negative record of 0-4, Iran turned the situation in their favor from a mental point of view after smashing the USA team last weekend. This weekend Iran are going to keep on with the  hunting of Poland, so I do not hesitate we will see Iran in a good position by Sunday night. Both teams (Iran & Poland) at this moment are in a live or die position. On the other hand, the USA will try to...

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