Author: Jeremy Brahm

The Future of The Volleyball Court

As someone who has attended numerous sporting events in the USA, Canada and Japan, the fan experience has greatly changed over time with technological improvements. When I first attended Portland Trail Blazers basketball games in the 1980s, we did not even have replay boards in the arenas. Only a scoreboard with a message board (all on sides). Eventually, the team added player statistic boards for points, assists, fouls and rebounds. Later the scoreboard added a TV screen with the ability to show replays. Now, the statistic boards are incredibly detailed for team stats versus player stats, massive video screens...

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Highest Scores in Volleyball Season 2015/2016

In this article I am going to highlight the highest scores, the league where those scores came from and which players did it the most frequently. The 2015-2016 for the Highest Scorers was 2nd Highest Season for Matches with players scoring 30 points or more with 342.   Only the 2014-2015 season was higher with 376 times. The highest score by one player was actually done twice by the same player, 48 by German Gyorgy Grozer of the Samsung Bluefangs (South Korean KOVO League). The first was against KB Starts on Oct. 29, 2015 and the second was against...

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The True About Highest Score Players

Do you want to know who are the top world scorers? Where do they achieve 30+ points scores? Continue reading.   I have taken the highest club scorers from insidevolley (of course because I am the one tracking it) and have put them into a Tableau presentation.  Who is the player who has scored the most times over 30 points in a club match? Player-Competition Tab 1.       Leonardo Leyva Martinez, 68 2.       Gavin Schmidt, 66 3.       Andelko Cuk, 46 All three of these players have played in Korea, but even more interesting is that they have all played for the same team...

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The Future of Live Statistics in Volleyball

After reading Jiri’s “3 Things I Want to See in for volleyball” article, I mentioned to him, that during the World Cup in Japan in August and September that his wanting for live statistics actually happened.   We are accustomed to seeing this shot now during FIVB events for men and women for the live score. And then this shot for live statistics, which are team statistics for the match. And then at the end of the match we see this shot for the individual match statistics by team (slide 2 – 4) The future of live statistics in volleyball...

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Advanced Statistics from the Women’s World Grand Champions Cup

Which players helped their teams or hurt their teams? Which players touched the ball the most? You can now see the answers to these questions as the advanced statistics from the FIVB Women’s World Grand Champions Cup that was held in Japan last week have been compiled.   Learn About Tableau     The first chart shown combines four categories for all players who played in the competition. The categories are 1.      Player Set Wins 2.      Average points scored per set for the player from their matches 3.       Number of sets played for the player 4.       Number...

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    Tamari Miyashiro added to Women's National Team Coaching Staff. “During Tama’s years as a Women’s National Team player, nobody involved with our program was more selfless, more supportive and loyal to those around her, more humble and more dedicated to learning than she has been,” Kiraly said. “Those qualities always made Tama a prime candidate […]
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    Very similar to the structure of the American NCAA, but with only a total of 39 teams playing in 4 conferences: Conferences: Atlantic University Sport (AUS) with 6 teams, had 1 berth for the final tournament: results of the conference season, results conference playoffs Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (RSEQ) with 6 teams, had […]
  • Pawel Zagumny
    The master will end his career after this season. Never too fast, always in time, always in great style. As a setter myself, he has always been a role model for me. So smart, so cool. He truly deserves a great farewell !!