Author: Kari Schneider

Staying Warm on the Volleyball Court!

Is practice moving slowly? Are you on the bench waiting to get subbed in? Is it November and you can’t seem to shake the chill in the air? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions you are probably having trouble staying warm enough to perform optimally in a practice or match! If you’ve done your usual warm-up but you’re chilled and want to stay warm to perform your best, here are some tips…   First, dress for the weather or your gym. Sounds simple right? I can’t tell you how many athletes I’ve seen step off of...

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Jump Higher: Exercise of the Month

Do you want to jump higher? Of course you do! Here is one exercise which will help you to improve your jump. Try these tips and reach for the stars!       Nose breakers!- You are targeting your hamstrings and glutes-oh ya…if you don’t use your pecs, tri’s and arms you may fall on your face! This one is tough so be prepared! Hook your feet under a heavy barbell to hold your weight or a fixed object. Use a mat or towel under your knees to soften the pressure from kneeling on them. Try to slowly lower...

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Jump Higher: What you need to know!

All you want is to jump like Michael Jordan or Leonel Marshall. There are many aspects affecting your jump. Very important aspects are quality of your training and your weight.       Quality vs Quantity? Most people have done some plyometric training to improve their vertical. That is a good thing! Jumping drills, foot-speed training, reaction drills all make a big difference to how quickly your nervous system responds to the demands. Any of my athletes know how springy, fit and fast they feel coming out of a cycle of power/speed training! The thing to remember is that...

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3 essential warm-up factors

You know already how to stretch and warm-up from my previous article. Today we will focus on the range of motion, improving flexibility and warm-up length.   1. What about Range of Motion?  I am a firm believer in having appropriate range of motion for the sport being performed! I expect my volleyball athletes to be able to minimally touch their toes! That gives me an indication of their back and hamstring range of motion.  This is important considering the positions that many of the reception players have to be in when digging a ball.  If their hamstrings and...

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Dynamic vs Static: How to Stretch and Warm-up?

Here is the question…How should an athlete warm-up and what type of stretching should they do pre-workout or match and post?       I have been asked this question so many times that my answer is pretty rehearsed by now-so here is the short version… After working with thousands of athletes and clients my answer is simple, pre training or competition is dynamic and post is static. Now of course there is always the exception to the rule but I’ll give you some of the reasons why I have answered this way.   1. What is your goal?This...

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