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Add These Foods to Your Diet to Boost Your Volleyball Training

Training as hard as you possibly can in any sport will only take you so far. You need to ensure that your body is getting the right fuel to keep your engine running, keep your body healthy, and improve your body. With the right foods, you can greatly improve your athletic performance on the volleyball court, which, as you will know, will boost your game massively. So, to help you get that extra edge and improve your volleyball training, here is a bunch of different foods to help you get what you need. Each section considers various dietary needs,...

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Can Volleyball Players Benefit from a Ketogenic Diet?

It is necessary for almost all athletes and sportsmen/sportswomen to be in peak physical condition and volleyball players are not exempt from that rule either. Skilled, amateur volleyball players are transformed into professional athletes through a combination of proper diet, regular training and functional exercise. On that regard, it might be a good question to ask whether keto diets have anything to offer to these athletes. Let’s try and find an answer by going through the following points. It Can Help to Shed Weight It must be understood that there are various stages of development for an athlete, as well...

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Volleyball Fast Becoming a Rising Star in the Sports Scene

Volleyball is a great way to bring people together. As a physical activity, it has many benefits to the person who’s involved. To a spectator, it brings much excitement through friendly competition. There is no doubt that sports is big business anywhere you go in the world. In fact, being a professional player in any of the top sports followed by people is considered prestigious and a great way to make a living. The monetization of sports has long since changed the outlook of people towards why they watch games, but the primary purpose of playing remains the same....

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Simple Ways to Improve at Volleyball

Volleyball can be a very competitive sport, so it’s understandable to want to improve in every single way you can. Oftentimes the road to improvement can be obvious, but when you’re completely engrossed in the sport it can be a lot to take in. This becomes especially apparent if you happen to doubt your abilities, and especially your ability to improve. Here are a few simple ways in which you can help improve your volleyball game and help steer your mindset in the right direction. Don’t forget to relax! This is perhaps one of the most important steps to...

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How to Ease Stress Before a Volleyball Game

Just like any other high-intensity sport, volleyball can be a very rewarding and a very demanding experience. It can be filled with many ups and downs and could cause a flare up in emotions which could very well lead to issues with the game. Anyone who takes volleyball seriously will tell you that pregame stress can be a contributing factor to a hampered performance. Here are a few easy ways to ease stress before an upcoming volleyball game. Think of a few leisurely recreational activities you can do before the game It can be something as simple as playing...

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    The 14-player-roster for the first VNL weekend in Serbia looks as follows: Setter: Lukas Kampa, Jan ZimmermannMB: Markus Böhme, Jacob Günthör, Tobias Krick, Noah BaxpöhlerOH: Christian Fromm, Moritz Reichert, David Sossenheimer, Ruben Schott Op: Daniel Malescha, Simon Hirsch L: Julian Zenger, Egor Bogachev Apparantly Grozer will skip whole VNL, while Kaliberda might join in the […]
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    Did a preview for Japan that you can check out here . Excited to see Ishikawa and Yanagida play after fairly successful club seasons away from Japan . I think this is who the starters will be: OH: Yuki Ishikawa (Latina) OH: Masahiro Yanagida (Bisons Buhl) OPP: Issei Otake (Rhein/Main) MB: Akihiro Yamauchi (Panasonic Panthers) […]
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    can someone post a link to a good quality video of ARG x DOM and USA x TUR? thanks.


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