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No Ball? No Sand? No Sunshine? No Problem…

Unfortunate as it may sound, the fact remains: summer is over. While the worsening weather and the cooler temperatures aren’t necessarily apparent in some areas of the world, the most densely inhabited ones – especially in the Northern Hemisphere – have started to feel them, keeping people away from the beaches (where they have them) and inside their homes. This doesn’t mean that professional players aren’t continuing to do what they’re best at – it only means that aspiring amateurs are less likely to be spotted playing outdoors. But the bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean a complete lack of...

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A Newbies Guide to the 2017 Men’s African Volleyball Championship

The 2017 Men’s African Volleyball Championship begins on October 22 and will run through to October 29 at the Cairo International Complex in Egypt. The tournament also acts as a qualifier for the 2018 FIVB World Championship as three teams will qualify for that competition, which will be held in Bulgaria and Italy. Past Winners The tournament was inaugurated in 1967, when Tunisia won the first-ever competition after beating Algeria 3-0 in the final. Since then, Egypt and Tunisia have dominated the event with eight wins apiece. The next best performing teams are Algeria and Cameroon, who both have...

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7 Great Volleyball Statistics

With the game of volleyball being so fast paced it’s often easy to lose sight of the facts and statistics that are present all around us. These facts and statistics are the foundations of volleyball and make the game what it is today. The inception of volleyball Volleyball was invented by William Morgan, who was a Physical Education director of the YMCA, in 1895. Morgan was interested in creating a game in which the core skills used in all of basketball, baseball, handball and tennis were all present. His aim was to combine all of these into one sole...

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3 Gadgets That Can Make You a Better Volleyball Player

Smartphones were the first fitness gadgets. Thanks to their sensors, they could track your speed, elevation, and the number of steps you have taken, and calculate the number of calories you have burned. Besides, they have provided you with the oh-so-necessary entertainment for jogging – which is quite boring, if you ask me – in the form of music, podcasts or even audio books played through your headphones. Besides, they have also given you a chance to wind down after a tiring workout session (or even work) thanks to the tons of games they gave you access to. Hundreds...

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Ankle Injury in Volleyball

The ankle injury is the most common injury of volleyball players. This injury accounts for 30% of time-loss injuries and can result in significant “downtime” from volleyball. Ankle sprains usually occur at the volleyball net when a player lands on the toot of an opponent or teammate after blocking or attacking. A primary prevention suggestion has been to change the center-line rule so any contact with the line would be considered a violation. In Norway, this rule was experimented with for several weeks. The study found a two-told decrease in ankle sprains; however, the experiment had to be abandoned...

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