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Juan Manuel Cichello left Villa Maria Volleyball

Owls head coach, will not continue in their work due to personal problems. However, he will continue as Julio Velasco assistant on the Iran national team in 2011 Japan World Cup.     The coach left a list of future coaches, which is analyzed by the leadership to his imminent engagement. Meanwhile, staff training resumed looking to improve their performance in Serie A1 Argentina League in which records four defeats.   A few weeks ago, Cichello celebrated the first consecration of Iran in the Asian championship after beating China in the final and secured a place in the World Cup. Those responsible for the Iranian selected offered the former...

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Buenos Aires United loss its star: Milinkovic

The argentine opposite player had surgery of the meniscus in his left knee and will be out for a few weeks. The team also has its setter injured.   Bad news for one of the best teams in Argentina: the captain is absent from the court for the next 40 days, according to the chief medical campus Unated Anibal Perez, also said it was a “successful intervention without complications.” Rehabilitation Milinkovic made their home, in Mar del Plata, where he moved on their own after surgery. “Luckily everything went well, there were no complications. I have a logical discomfort...

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Argentina cries for Young Wan Sohn death

Carlos Getzelevich and Genaro Lopez reminded South Korean legendary coach Wan Young Sohn, died at 77 after a race that revolutionized Argentine volleyball.     Getzelevich joined Argentina National team during the trial that found its peak in the 1982 World Cup, Sohn´s most important achievement as coach: “I read the newspapers and was very bitter, just knowing this news. The man who turned over Argentine volleyball with his working method. Not only from the point of view of training was different, but also relied on a group of young players with which he knew he could get a...

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The bomb of Sarmiento: Ivan Marquez

Venezuelan opposite Ivan Marquez said that – “To have Elgueta as coach, who was my partner in Spain, and know that the crown is so passionate was some of the reassons to chose Sarmiento team to return to Argentina“.   Marquez played his first professional season precisely in the South American country and became champion in his debut with Bolivar Signia (coached by Daniel Castellani) in 2003 as a middle blocker.   After that success, went to Europe to improve an played in many countries: Belgium, Greece, Spain and Italy. His 2,05 meters height will be surely one of...

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Nicolas Uriarte returned to Argentina

The young setter Nicolás Uriarte played the first tournament with his new team: Boca Rio Uruguay Insurance.   In the last years, many young Argentine players was called to has their first experience in Europe but then they return to their country to be stars. That´s the example of Nicolás Uriarte, who won bronze medal in 2009 Junior World Championship and was contracted by Roma Volley in 2010/11 season.   After his debut in A1 Italian league (he also played in A2) and lost the sport battle to be in the National team line up (with talented Luciano De...

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