Author: Michalina Dzienia

EuroVolley: Diouf’s show against Switzerland, Belgium better than France

EuroVolley is on and there is some news from group B. Italy had a short game against Switzerland and Belgium has shown their good side in match with France.   Italy – Switzerland 3:0 (25:13, 25:11, 25:13) Italy: Diouf (18), Bosetti C. (7), Signorile, Costagrande (8), Guiggi (13), Arrighetti (8), De Gennaro (libero), Sorokaite (2), Bosetti L. Switzerland: Bannwart, Steinemann (3), Granvorka (4), Sirucek, Halter Result of this game wasn’t surprise for us. As we expected, team from Italy won very quickly, without using too much strength. The most noticeable player was Valentina Diuof, who scored 18 points. The Swiss couldn’t deal with her wonderful actions and when we add their own mistakes there wasn’t any hope for triumph. The coach of Switzerland, Svetlana Ilic has decided that his team need to change their usual formation to surprise opponents, but this brave move didn’t work. Italians very easy took control of the game, which was he result of very well playing in block (one of the best players in this element was Caterina Bosetti) and serve. Team Stats: Team/Action Spike points Spike % Block Serve Reception pos. Unforced Errors Italy 37 60% 14 6 74% 5 Switzerland 24 29% 5 1 57% 15    Team Leaders: Action/Player Points Spike Points Spike % Spike errors Block Serve Unforced Errors Valentina Diouf 20 16 50% 1 2 2 2 Laura Unternahrer...

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Kadziu is coming back to Poland!

Łukasz Kadziewicz, one of the most famous polish volleyball players, has chosen his club for the next season.   Well, maybe you didn’t expect it, but it’s true – he will be a part of Cuprum Lubin, first leauge polish club. It’s probably the biggest suprise for fans, who remember well his performances in Jastrzębski Węgiel (Poland, PlusLiga) or Casa Modena (Italy). Łukasz Kadziewicz, better known as ,,Kadziu” always liked to shock, but this decicion has impressed volleyball fans more than other stories, because he’s one of the best polish middle blockers with a lot of expierence. By the...

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Anastasi and Wlazły have met

One of the best spikers in the world, Mariusz Wlazły has lost his place in Anastasi’s representation in 2010. Maybe the coach changed his opinion and we will see Wlazły in European Championship soon?   Nobody knows the result of this conversation, but one thing is obvious – this is time for changes in polish representation. After horrible performance in World League, Andrea Anastasi has to look for some new solutions before next tournament.  One of the polish newspapers has revealed that meeting in Bełchatów was the result of pressure caused by Mirosław Przedpełski. – I can’t confirm or...

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New FIVB ranking after WL finals

Like always after another important volleyball tournament, there are some changes in FIVB ranking. There are not too many changes in first ten places. Argentina has improved last result – thanks to good performance in WL they got 8th place. Bulgaria has lost 8th place and now they rank 9th.   1. Brazil – 345 points 2. Russia – 330 points 3. Italy – 286 points 4. Poland – 195 points 5. USA – 179 points 6. Cuba – 179 points 7. Serbia- 177 points 8. Argentina – 171 points 9. Bulgaria – 165 points 10. Germany – 112...

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World League – festival of international volleyball

What makes the Volleyball World League so unique? How and when this amazing volleyball show started? First FIVB Volleyball World League, one of the most important and exciting tournaments of this sport was started in 1990 by FIVB. The government of world’s volleyball has decided, that annual competition is the best way to promote this sport, thanks to games in all the continents, which gather milions of fans from different nations. Now, World Leauge is known from wonderful audience, which often travel all over the world to watch their favourite team. Searching solution for fans, who wanted to watch...

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