Author: Ola Ostrowska

Italy will host Final Six of the World League 2014

After ten years of waiting, Final Six of World League will be held in Italy again.     For the last few weeks there was a lot of rumors going on. Besides Italy also Iran applied to FIVB for the organization. Today’s news is that Final Six is back in Europe. Host cities are still unknow but probabbly it will be one of Rome-Pesaro-Bologna trio. Finals will be held in July (16-20). Of course, one of the organization privileges is being automatically qualified to finals. Pool division 1st divisionPool A: Brazil, Italy, Poland, IranPool B: Russia, Serbia, USA, Bulgarian...

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PlusLiga: the situation is changing very quickly

AZS Olsztyn didn’t stick too long to the leadership. Jastrzebski Wegiel took that place after an easy win over Transfer Bydgoszcz.   Let’s start with a real treat of this last round. ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle met with PGE Skra Belchatow. With Zaksa having a lot of problems lately, a lot of people expected a victory from Miquel Falasca and his team. It turned out to be just another way around. Grzegorz Bociek became the best scorer of this round with 25 points. Just behind him got Dick Kooy (22 points). Marcin Mozdzonek also did his job in block (6 points)...

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AZS Olsztyn the best after five rounds

One of the weakest teams of the last season is now the leader of ranking in PlusLiga. Last weekend was also a witness of a hit – Skra Belchatow versus Resovia Rzeszow. In the 5th round, Transfer Bydgoszcz scored the first point in ranking. With new players supporting them – Pawel Woicki and Carson Clark – Bygoszcz was very difficult to beat for Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozle. An American wingman, after arriving to Poland a few days later, was a huge help and gave his team 22 points.Zaka, on the other hand, is not on the greatest shape these days....

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MCL Pool F: Jastrzębski Wegiel with three points from Tomis

Polish bronze medalist visited Romania. After a difficult beginning, Bernardi’s team bounced back and won the game. The game was quite intensive from the beginning. No one could gain any safer lead. Long actions were mixed with failed services, but soon Gonzalez from Tomis Constanta found a way to make a difference and his team went ahead for the second TTO. Michal Kubiak stroke out and it was 19:16 for Tomis. In the second part of this set the game came back to be head-to-head, but this leverage of Romanians turned out to be enough to win this one...

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Breaking news! Stephane Antiga to replace Andrea Anastasi?!

More than surprising information stroke us tonight. French star, Stephane Antiga was announced a candidate for a new head coach of the national team of Poland.   On Thursday, the authorities of Polish Federation are supposed to conduct a vote in order to confirm this candidature.The information is quite shocking, as Antiga is still working for Skra Belchatow as a player and nothing indicated such a drastic change. Moreover, his contract with Polish club was signed for two years. Further update will be pronounced in the next few days. Whatever happens, Andrea Anastasi will terminate his work with Poland. The last...

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