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WCH: Poland gets title after 40 years!

Yesterday finals of World Championships in Poland may have surprised some people. Poland gets title in front of countrymen beating Brazil 3-1. Bronze for Germany after win in straight sets.     Small Final: France – Germany 0-3 (21-25 24-26 23-25) Duration: 1:38′ France: Toniutti, N’gapeth (11), Le Roux (6), Rouzier (12), Tillie (7), Le Goff (5), Grebennikov (L) and Marechal, Sidibe (3), JaumelGermany: Kampa, Schwarz (12), Böhme (4), Grozer (19), Kaliberda (13), Broshog (7), Steuerwald (L) and Schöps, Kühner, Fromm First minutes of the bronze medal match brought Germany’s 3-0 into the lead. With fine Tim Broshog, Sebastian...

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WCH: Repeat from 2006 in Final!

Semifinals gave us lots of emotions! Brazil beats France after tiebreak, while Poland defeated Germans in 4 sets! 5th place for Russia after straight win over Iran.     5th Place: Iran: Marouf (1), Mirzajanpoutr (1), Mousavi (5), Mahmoudi (3), Ghaemi (4), Gholami (4), Zarif (L) and Ebadipour (9), Ghafour (9), Mahdavi (2), Fayazi (2)Russia: Grankin (1), Ilinykh (1), Muserskiy (10), Pavlov (14), Spiridonov (10), Volvich (11), Ermakov (L) and Golubev (L), Biryukov (6) Russia were superior froom the very beginning especially from the service line and block. Iran, however, could not execute decent passing, making it hard for setter Marouf to set-up their plays. The Olympic champions jumped to a 21-14 advantage and easily closed the set at 25-19, with Pavlov’s spiking and serving on target, earning 5 points and 2 points from these skills, respectively.    Iran regained their composure in the second set and led 8-7 at the first technical timeout. Outside hitter Milad Ebadipour and opposite Amir Ghafour played a key role to score 12 points for the Iranian side, while team-mate Mousavi manned the net with two blocks. Both teams played with an exchange of rallies until Pavlov finished on a counter attack to put the Russians ahead with two points at 22-20. Russia libero played spectacular defence to help Muserskiy run an tricky attack and score the final point of the second set...

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WCH: Time for Final Four!

Yesterday ended Third Round. What happened? Who were leaders? What about semifinals? Pool G: First day was tough for Germans which lost against France in straight sets. Next game was a horse day for German opposite Gyorgy Grozer who almost alone beat Iran 3-0. Yesterday France played with Iran. After 1st set won by Les Bleus everything was clear and coaches played with backups. Game ended with win after tiebreak for European team. Pool H: First match was thrilling game between Brazil and Poland with host’s vicrtory after tiebreak. Brazilians got mad and showed unclassy behaviour but smashed Russia in...

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WCH: Poland with amazing Wlazły achieves goal!

  Tuesday started 3rd Round of WCH. In Łódź Poland beats Brazil after tight match in Pool H. In Katowice France beats Germany in Pool G in straight sets.     FRANCE – GERMANY 3-0 (25-15 26-24 25-22) Duration: 1:32′   France: Toniutti (2), N’gapeth (20), Le Roux (5), Rouzier (16), Tillie (8), Le Goff (4), Grebennikov (L) and Jaumel, Marechal Germany: Kampa (3), Westpahl (6), Böhme (6), Grozer (14), Kaliberda (11), Broshog (2), Tille (L), M.Steuerwald (L) and Schwarz, Schöps, Kühner, Günthör (2)   Starting from the beginning of the first set, both teams displayed fine blocks (with...

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WCH is coming into 3rd stage!

  Weekend brought us lots of amazing things! 16 interesting matches, injuries and pools’ draw. Check out what happened!     Pool E: On Saturday Serbia lost chance for promotion to next round losing with France 1-3. The greatest battle was between Poland and Iran – Poles could’ve won it 3-0, but won it after dramatic tiebreak. And Polish team lost captain, outside hitter Michał Winiarski, who may be back for 3rd Round. USA achieved easy straight win over Australia and Argentina beats poor Italy 3-1. Sunday started with tight game betwen Serbia and Iran, Iranian won 3-1 with amazing performance by Iranian opposite Amir Ghafour. Then we had a huge surprise: Argentina beat USA after tiebreak what closed door for Americans to the next round. Italy beat Australia 3-1, while Poland reached a victory over France in 5 sets. France, Poland and Iran go to 3rd Round. Standings: Rank Team Win/Loss Sets Ratio Points Ratio Points 1. France 5/2 1.727 1.067 17 2. Poland 6/1 2.375 1.119 16 3. Iran 5/2 1.636 1.057 15 4. USA 4/3 1.416 1.063 14 5. Serbia 3/4 0.857 0.974 9 6. Argentina 3/4 0.733 0.946 8 7. Italy 2/5 0.555 0.953 5 8. Australia 0/7 0.190 0.822 0   Pool F: Saturday was less interesting day.Brazil and Russia got next easy victories, struggling only in 3rd sets. China wanted to prove that...

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