Author: Jiri Popelka

The Longest Volleyball Games in History

More sets and more points mean longer volleyball game. I think you know this. BUT which are the longest volleyball games in volleyball history? First of all let’s speak about scoring in volleyball. How Volleyball is Scored In casual volleyball games, it is generally played so that the first team to 15 points is the winner. However, Olympic volleyball involves the best of five sets in order to determine the winning team. The first 4 sets require the teams to play until one reaches 25 points. Further, there has to be a minimum lead of 2 points in order to...

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5 Basic Tips To Play Smart Volleyball

Volleyball is a beloved sport all around the globe. It is played indoors in arenas as well as out on the beach, in the sand. Regardless of where you play, it’s important to play smart volleyball – and there are some tips in order to accomplish this. Be Prepared One of the first ways to play smart volleyball is to be prepared for the game. This is all mental and physical. The mental aspect means that you need to clear your head and focus on the game at hand. If you are thinking about a million and one other...

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3 Tips To Keep Your Head Cool In Volleyball

Volleyball might be a fun and competitive sport, but you can also get so lost in the game, that you aren’t completely sure how to control your emotions. This is why we have 3 tips for you, on how to keep your head cool and how to keep your mind sane while playing this fun and competitive sport. Remember, the game is only fun for as long as you allow it to be. If you won’t allow for fun or just get overly intimidated by everything, then you will lose your cool and get on everyone’s nerves. Volleyball can...

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Volleyball Knee Pads for Women

Volleyball knee pads for women’s are indispensable. Why do you need them? Are they really so important? Let me tell you the reasons why you need them. As you know volleyball is a game of coordination and balanced interplay between players in a team. When things aren’t going well, women players have to dive for the ball in an attempt to save the point. During this effort, the player may injure their knee. It could be a painful save, one that could be avoided with knee pads. Knee pads prevent impact injuries by protecting the bone and skin from...

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7 Crucial Volleyball Knee Pads Care Instructions

Many of you wear volleyball knee pads during practices or games. But what do you do with them after your practice? Here is my list of 7 crucial care instructions to keep them in the best possible condition. I spent years on volleyball courts around the world. Volleyball knee pads were part of my life everywhere. They saved my knees many times 🙂 I used them almost always during trainings. After that they were wet and smelled bad. During my career I applied several tips to take care of them. The following care instructions worked best for me. Try...

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  • USA NT 2017
    Tamari Miyashiro added to Women's National Team Coaching Staff. “During Tama’s years as a Women’s National Team player, nobody involved with our program was more selfless, more supportive and loyal to those around her, more humble and more dedicated to learning than she has been,” Kiraly said. “Those qualities always made Tama a prime candidate […]
  • 2017 Canadian U SPORTS Women’s Volleyball Championship
    Very similar to the structure of the American NCAA, but with only a total of 39 teams playing in 4 conferences: Conferences: Atlantic University Sport (AUS) with 6 teams, had 1 berth for the final tournament: results of the conference season, results conference playoffs Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (RSEQ) with 6 teams, had […]
  • Pawel Zagumny
    The master will end his career after this season. Never too fast, always in time, always in great style. As a setter myself, he has always been a role model for me. So smart, so cool. He truly deserves a great farewell !!