Author: Jiri Popelka

Tours Volley-ball Website Review

The second club website under scrutiny belongs to Tours Volley-ball. Noliko Maaseik were quite happy with their review. Let’s see what Tours will say. Anyway, I spent one successful season in Tours. It was my second foreign club after Noliko. Tours has been one of Europe’s elite clubs for more than 15 years, multiple French champion, French cup winner, and regular Champions league participant. In my memories, apart from good volleyball and the powerful Vladimir Alekno as coach, Tours was a pleasant city with superb vines, restaurants, and many historical castles a short distance away. Let’s go to work....

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TOP 10 Most Terrific Attacks

Volleyball is about power. BUT which are the most powerful attacks? TOP 10 most terrific attacks will amaze you. It’s great motivation for every volleyball player. I bet you want to ATTACK this way 🙂...

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Ultimate Guide to Volleyball Knee Pads

Do you wan to know EVERYTHING about volleyball knee pads? Read my ultimate guide to volleyball knee pads and get exhaustive informations about them. I am volleyball lover and volleyball is my passion. This article is about one of the most important piece of volleyball equipment you need. I know that many of you are using knee pads also in other sports, so I briefly cover also them. Did you ever think of how important your knees are? Consider your day. How many times throughout the day do you use your knees? You get out of bed. You walk...

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3 Important Reasons to Use Knee Pads

What do all youths, men and women volleyball players have in common? They all have the need for knee pads. All those who are spending time on volleyball court should wear them. Why Do You Need Knee Pads? The purpose of knee pads is to protect meniscus and the patella, or kneecap, while playing volleyball. Knee pads also guard the knee against scrapes and burns which could happen during volleyball trainings or matches. What Do They Do? Reduce Injuries During volleyball training you will do many movements, one of them is diving for a volleyball, which can cause a...

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Noliko Maaseik Website Review

I am starting my website reviews with Noliko Maaseik’s site. Why Noliko? It was my first foreign professional club (see my complete volleyball journey on LinkedIn). I spent pleasant two years in Maaseik. The organisation and the sport level were on very high level at that time. Noliko Maaseik is a famous Belgian club with multiple national titles and cups in its pocket, regular participant in the men’s Champions League. Let’s start! Overall design I am opening Noliko’s homepage. My (and your) first impression is crucial, I wrote about it in my previous article. The first thing that grabbed...

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