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INDESIT Champions’ League 2005/06

The best European club teams with some of the world’s most renowned international star players are ready for INDESIT European Champions League 2005/06. The Drawing of Lots of the 2005/2006 INDESIT European Champions’ League was in Vienna. As a result of the good cooperation between Eurosport and the TV channels partnered with the qualified teams more than a 1’000 hours of television transmission which were viewed by almost 51 million spectators in Europe were broadcasted throughout the previous 2004/05 event. This year, the best 20 men’s and 12 women’s club teams in Europe, representing 17 National Federations, will participate in the 2005/2006 edition of the INDESIT European Champions League with the competition format of 14 weeks for the men. Starting the first round matches in October 2005 ten League Rounds will be played before the Playoffs in February 2006 decide the Final Four which will be held on 18-19 March 2006 for the women and 25-26 March 2006 for the men. In the men’s Indesit European Champions’ League the League Round is composed of four groups of five teams each. Following the preliminary pool play and the appointment of the organiser of the Final Round the best 12 teams proceed to the Playoff Round from which the six winners have to qualify in the Playoff for six teams for the three vacant places in the Final Four. The Final...

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Results of INDESIT Champions League 2005/06

Every pool has five teams, there are four Indesit Champions League pools. Three best teams of each pool will qualify to next round.     Pool A             No Team 1 2 3 4 5 1 Hypo Tirol INNSBRUCK x 2:3 1:3 3:2 3:0 2 Iraklis THESSALONIKI 3:0 x 2:3 3:1 3:0 3 Knack Randstad ROESELARE 3:2 3:2 x 2:3 3:0 4 Ortec ROTTERDAM Nesselande 3:0 0:3 3:0 x 2:3 5 Unicaja ALMERIA 3:0 1:3 1:3 0:3 x                           Rank Team MT...

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Sisley Treviso Champions League 2005/06 champion

Final of INDESIT Champions League between Iraklis Thessaloniki and Sisley Treviso could win both teams, but italian team was at the end stronger. Greek team focused to stop Alberto Cisolla. Unfortunately it did not help. On the italian side the best player was this evening Alessandro Fei, scoring 33 points. Fei also received the MVP (most valuable player) price. Daniele Bagnoli (TREVISO coach): “THESSALONIKI's strength makes our victory even more important. They played a wonderful semi-final against BELGOROD, but I'm sure that tiredness didin't affect the result of the following match. Of course I admit that we were also...

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European Championship 2007

Sixteen teams for European Championships are definite. In the third round of qualification Finland, Germany and Slovenia qualified to the Russia. European Championship will be played in Moscow and St. Petersburg from 6-16 September 2007.     Finland and Germany won both qualifying game. Slovenia did qualify due to higher set ratio. Finland 3 25 32 21 25   3 25 25 25     Estonia 1 21 30 25 13   0 23 17 18     Germany 3 25 25 25     3 20 25 22 27 15 Czech Republic 0 22 22 18    ...

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20 million US$ in World League 2006

In the 17th year od World League will be participating 16 teams for a historical 20 million US$ prize money. First time in history of World League the African team will join – Egypt, by this the World League will turn into the first world event played on five continents. In contrast to the last years the team of Venezuela will be missing, renewed participants are teams of Russia and USA. There will be more Asian teams – China and Korea. Europe will represent Serbia & Montenegro and Poland, participants of final tournament this year, next Italy, Russia, Portugal, Greece, France and Bulgaria. The victory will be defending by the Brazilian team, three times winner in a row. The final tournament will take place at the end of august 2006, only Russia is interested in organising it till now. Pool A   Pool B   Pool C   Pool D Poland   Brazil   Italy   Cuba Japan   Argentina   Russia   Egypt USA   Portugal   China   Bulgaria Serbia & Montenegro   Greece   France   Korea Competition Calendar – Intercontinental Round Team 14 – 16 21 – 23 28 – 30 04 – 06 11 – 13 18 – 20   July July July August August August POOL A             SCG   SCG – POL     SCG – JPN...

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