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20 million US$ in World League 2006

In the 17th year od World League will be participating 16 teams for a historical 20 million US$ prize money. First time in history of World League the African team will join – Egypt, by this the World League will turn into the first world event played on five continents. In contrast to the last years the team of Venezuela will be missing, renewed participants are teams of Russia and USA. There will be more Asian teams – China and Korea. Europe will represent Serbia & Montenegro and Poland, participants of final tournament this year, next Italy, Russia, Portugal, Greece, France and Bulgaria. The victory will be defending by the Brazilian team, three times winner in a row. The final tournament will take place at the end of august 2006, only Russia is interested in organising it till now. Pool A   Pool B   Pool C   Pool D Poland   Brazil   Italy   Cuba Japan   Argentina   Russia   Egypt USA   Portugal   China   Bulgaria Serbia & Montenegro   Greece   France   Korea Competition Calendar – Intercontinental Round Team 14 – 16 21 – 23 28 – 30 04 – 06 11 – 13 18 – 20   July July July August August August POOL A             SCG   SCG – POL     SCG – JPN...

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World league 2006 starts!

Sixteen countries is starting the fight for the USD 20 milion prize money. Every team will play three rounds of home and away matches in a pool. Finals will be hold in Moscow from 23-27 August. Title holder from Brazil is also this year the biggest favourite to win the World league. Italy together with USA and Russia are other hot competitors for the title. Pool A               Pool B             USA – POL 1-3 25-22 23-25 23-25 23-25     FIN – POR 3-0 25-21 29-27 25-19     JPN – SCG 3-0 25-22 25-22 25-20       ARG – BRA 0-3 20-25 23-25 22-25     USA – POL 1-3 24-26 13-25 25-20 22-25     FIN – POR 3-0 26-24 25-20 25-22     JPN – SCG 1-3 28-26 16-25 26-28 22-25     ARG – BRA 0-3 17-25 17-25 20-25     SCG – POL 3-1 25-17 22-25 25-19 32-30     BRA – ARG 3-1 25-15 24-26 25-22 25-23   JPN – USA 0-3 15-25 22-25 17-25       POR – FIN 3-2 25-23 18-25 16-25 25-22 15-13 SCG – POL 3-2 25-19 22-25 25-17 16-25 15-11   BRA – ARG 3-0 25-15 25-17 25-21     JPN – USA 0-3 1-12 21-25 18-25       POR – FIN 2-3...

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World league 2006 final

After the dramatic fight in final match of World League 2006 Brazil is again champion. In final Brazil won against surprise of tournament team of France.     French team was leading in final 2:0, later in game they could not keep the level from first two sets. Brazilian team relied on the performance of Giba (Godoy Fildo Gilberto), he was the best player also in semifinals against Russia. In 3th place game Russia beated easy Bulgaria. The team of Bulgaria did not show the same level of game as in the group. Martin Stoev, the head coach of...

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World League 2007

The format of World League 2007 will be same as this year. 16 national teams from all FIVB confederations will participate in the competition. Final round will be played in Rome with the final match on 15th July. Internationals rounds start date is set to 25th May 2007. Team of Canada will take place of Portugal in the World League 2007. Total prize money will be again 20 million US$. Pool A   Pool B Brazil   France Canada   Italy Finland   USA Korea   Egypt                 Pool C Pool D...

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World Championship 2006

Drawing of lots ceremony took place in Tokyo. Teams in four groups of six teams found there opponents. The championship will take place in 10 Japan cities from November 17 to December 3. The hottest favourite for the trophy is Brazil team, winner of last World Championship. Brazil team is dominating to a volleyball world from 2002, winning all international tournaments. The coach of Brazil team Bernardinho is not so convinced. He affirms that, in the World Grand Champions Cup, "the victories over the United States 3:1 and on Italy 3:2, currently demonstrate the great existing balance in the...

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