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10 Volleyball Buzzwords De-Buzzed

A buzzword is an informal term used in place of a formal one with an aim of impressing the listener rather than informing him. They are jargons associated with a particular trade or industry. These words mean one thing to every other person but something else to their users. Without proper debuzzing (decoding) there is hardly a way someone outside the industry would comprehend what is being spoken about. Volleyball is a sports game with plenty of its own jargon. Here is a list of 10 Volleyball jargons debuzzed. 1. Ruffio In general term, this refers to the character...

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3 Fabulous Infographics About Volleyball To Stimulate The Mind

Getting to know more about volleyball from volleyball infographic is something that a lot of people want to discover. It helps when you are new to the game. You have a lot to gain when you know the rules. Someone may ask you for a friendly game, but it is obviously useful when you know more about when to serve and who to pass to. When you are watching a game for the first time, you will want to know more about how points are achieved and why players are better than others. You will learn this as you...

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3 Embarrassing Volleyball Faux Pas You Better Not Make

Volleyball, like most games, is a fascinating sport. While you are more likely to see an enthusiast in football or basketball than you would in Volleyball, it is still a game with huge fan base, and dedicated supporters. And in a game of volleyball, like most sports, there are really embarrassing mistakes that is completely avoidable and should not be made no matter the circumstances. Because it can send an unintended bad message to your supporters. Additionally, it will make you look like a complete amateur, and also make you wish the ground should open up and swallow you,...

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5 Terms Everyone In The Volleyball Should Know About

Before you begin to play volleyball, it is useful to be accustomed with the rules and the regulations. There are also certain terms that the average player as well as the enthusiast will know more about. Some of these terms may be referred to as slang. As you become to play more, you will lean what other players are saying to each, how the scoring system work and how observers and chatting to one another. You will begin to pick up on a variety of these terms which help you learn more about this great game. Here are 5...

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Top 7 Volleyball Movies and Games

There are many great movies and games packed full of exciting volleyball references. Discover 7 of the very best volleyball-themed films and games right here, then get watching, or start playing! If you’re a true volleyball lover, you will already know that this popular sport has appeared in many blockbuster movies and even games. Sports are always a trendy topic for pop culture, and there are many famous movies and games that have volleyball centre stage, or even just feature an unforgettable scene with the sport as its inspiration. Are you keen on discovering which films and games contain...

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