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Volleyball ball | Everything You Need To Know About Volleyball Balls

One of the most popular sports in the world today is volleyball. No one can discount that the most important part of the game is the actual volleyball ball. The game was created in the late 1800s and since that time the ball has remained the center fixture of play. Learning how to maneuver and control the ball is the main goal of any player—whether on a pro team or a hobbyist. The use of the ball is something that players can take a lifetime to master, which makes for the most challenging and enjoyable part of play. Here...

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Eat Well for Your Volleyball Success

The key to great volleyball performance is optimal nutrition every day, not just competition day. For quick burst of energy like jumping, anaerobic metabolism kicks in and is fueled by stored carbohydrates, also known as muscle glycogen. Endurance requires optimal blood sugar and a combination of circulating fats and amino acids from protein. Proper hydration is also essential. Don’t expect that your performance will improve by miracle or luck as you could have during games in 7 sultans online casinos. You need to fuel your body well. So here are our simple nutrition advices 🙂 To ensure required energy...

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Tours Volley-ball Website Review

The second club website under scrutiny belongs to Tours Volley-ball. Noliko Maaseik were quite happy with their review. Let’s see what Tours will say. Anyway, I spent one successful season in Tours. It was my second foreign club after Noliko. Tours has been one of Europe’s elite clubs for more than 15 years, multiple French champion, French cup winner, and regular Champions league participant. In my memories, apart from good volleyball and the powerful Vladimir Alekno as coach, Tours was a pleasant city with superb vines, restaurants, and many historical castles a short distance away. Let’s go to work....

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TOP 10 Most Terrific Attacks

Volleyball is about power. BUT which are the most powerful attacks? TOP 10 most terrific attacks will amaze you. It’s great motivation for every volleyball player. I bet you want to ATTACK this way 🙂...

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Ultimate Guide to Volleyball Knee Pads

Do you wan to know EVERYTHING about volleyball knee pads? Read my ultimate guide to volleyball knee pads and get exhaustive informations about them. I am volleyball lover and volleyball is my passion. This article is about one of the most important piece of volleyball equipment you need. I know that many of you are using knee pads also in other sports, so I briefly cover also them. Did you ever think of how important your knees are? Consider your day. How many times throughout the day do you use your knees? You get out of bed. You walk...

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  • USA NT 2017
    Tamari Miyashiro added to Women's National Team Coaching Staff. “During Tama’s years as a Women’s National Team player, nobody involved with our program was more selfless, more supportive and loyal to those around her, more humble and more dedicated to learning than she has been,” Kiraly said. “Those qualities always made Tama a prime candidate […]
  • 2017 Canadian U SPORTS Women’s Volleyball Championship
    Very similar to the structure of the American NCAA, but with only a total of 39 teams playing in 4 conferences: Conferences: Atlantic University Sport (AUS) with 6 teams, had 1 berth for the final tournament: results of the conference season, results conference playoffs RĂ©seau du sport Ă©tudiant du QuĂ©bec (RSEQ) with 6 teams, had […]
  • Pawel Zagumny
    The master will end his career after this season. Never too fast, always in time, always in great style. As a setter myself, he has always been a role model for me. So smart, so cool. He truly deserves a great farewell !!