Author: Jiri Popelka

3 Important Reasons to Use Knee Pads

What do all youths, men and women volleyball players have in common? They all have the need for knee pads. All those who are spending time on volleyball court should wear them. Why Do You Need Knee Pads? The purpose of knee pads is to protect meniscus and the patella, or kneecap, while playing volleyball. Knee pads also guard the knee against scrapes and burns which could happen during volleyball trainings or matches. What Do They Do? Reduce Injuries During volleyball training you will do many movements, one of them is diving for a volleyball, which can cause a...

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Noliko Maaseik Website Review

I am starting my website reviews with Noliko Maaseik’s site. Why Noliko? It was my first foreign professional club (see my complete volleyball journey on LinkedIn). I spent pleasant two years in Maaseik. The organisation and the sport level were on very high level at that time. Noliko Maaseik is a famous Belgian club with multiple national titles and cups in its pocket, regular participant in the men’s Champions League. Let’s start! Overall design I am opening Noliko’s homepage. My (and your) first impression is crucial, I wrote about it in my previous article. The first thing that grabbed...

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Gerflor and FIVB Extend Partnership

Gerflor USA, a leader in resilient sports floor manufacturing, announced that its France-based parent company, Gerflor, recently renewed its contract with The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) – extending the organizations’ partnership for 2017-2020.  Gerflor, which was the official flooring supplier for FIVB’s volleyball competitions from 1997 to 2000, became FIVB’s regular partner in in 2005. The company’s Taraflex® flooring – the most widely used sports flooring in the world – has been selected for successive Olympic Games from Montreal in 1976 to Rio de Janeiro in 2016 for indoor sports, including volleyball, handball, badminton and table tennis. “Gerflor’s innovative and state-of-the-art...

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What Do You Want From Volleyball Knee Pads?

Are your knee pads good? Are you satisfied with their functions and shape? Do they protect your knees all the time? If your answer is NO to at least one question, continue reading. There are plenty of volleyball knee pads on the market. Mizuno, Asics, and Nike are among the more popular manufacturers. But are their products good or could they be better? You know the feeling when you land on the floor hard on your knees. Do you have scrapes and burns after such a landing? Do you have to check and position your knee pads several times...

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Volleyball Websites Reviews

Reviews are coming to VolleyCountry. It is completely new for us, but I will do my best to give you honest reviews of volleyball websites. I will focus on club websites and social channels. They are very important for every fan. Positive online reviews should also be crucial to every volleyball club that wants to keep control of its good online reputation. This is why I decided to help you. I want to show you which club sites and social channels are worth following. Why you should trust me? I created in 2004, built (and rebuilt) the site...

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  • USA NT 2017
    Tamari Miyashiro added to Women's National Team Coaching Staff. “During Tama’s years as a Women’s National Team player, nobody involved with our program was more selfless, more supportive and loyal to those around her, more humble and more dedicated to learning than she has been,” Kiraly said. “Those qualities always made Tama a prime candidate […]
  • 2017 Canadian U SPORTS Women’s Volleyball Championship
    Very similar to the structure of the American NCAA, but with only a total of 39 teams playing in 4 conferences: Conferences: Atlantic University Sport (AUS) with 6 teams, had 1 berth for the final tournament: results of the conference season, results conference playoffs Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (RSEQ) with 6 teams, had […]
  • Pawel Zagumny
    The master will end his career after this season. Never too fast, always in time, always in great style. As a setter myself, he has always been a role model for me. So smart, so cool. He truly deserves a great farewell !!