Author: Jiri Popelka

Volleyball Websites Reviews

Reviews are coming to VolleyCountry. It is completely new for us, but I will do my best to give you honest reviews of volleyball websites. I will focus on club websites and social channels. They are very important for every fan. Positive online reviews should also be crucial to every volleyball club that wants to keep control of its good online reputation. This is why I decided to help you. I want to show you which club sites and social channels are worth following. Why you should trust me? I created in 2004, built (and rebuilt) the site...

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VolleyCountry signed media cooperation with NVL

Two big volleyball projects are establishing partnership. The National Volleyball League, a US beach volleyball league was built by the players, for the players. VolleyCountry is for more than 10 years one of the most popular volleyball website in the world.   The cooperation will be focusing on exchanging various content between websites, promoting events through social channels.   “The NVL is a beach volleyball pro league built by the players, for the players. We put the happiness and success of our players and audience first. We are so excited to learn more about the Volleycountry community and welcome them...

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Who is Volleyball Agent?

Why do you need to read about volleyball agents? Simply because they can help you to make more money! But before we get there, you need to know some basics about them.   I spent more than 15 years in TOP volleyball, see my LinkedIn profile as a proof 🙂 I learnt a lot about volleyball agents. I worked with many of them. So I decided, I will share with you my interesting experiences with them. I am planning to write series of article covering job of volleyball agent. You will get insiders information about them, positives & negatives....

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10 Steps How to Become a Professional Volleyball Player

Many times I heard a question – How can I become professional volleyball player? I have an answer for you! Here are the steps you need to know.   I played in many leagues and countries. During my volleyball career I’ve learnt a huge amount about what it takes, so if you are thinking about becoming a professional volleyball player, read this! Step 1: Have a Burning Motivation If you want to become a professional volleyball player for the money or fame. You need to have the sort of drive and passion where playing at a top level matters more to you...

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