Author: Jiri Popelka

Who is Volleyball Agent?

Why do you need to read about volleyball agents? Simply because they can help you to make more money! But before we get there, you need to know some basics about them.   I spent more than 15 years in TOP volleyball, see my LinkedIn profile as a proof 🙂 I learnt a lot about volleyball agents. I worked with many of them. So I decided, I will share with you my interesting experiences with them. I am planning to write series of article covering job of volleyball agent. You will get insiders information about them, positives & negatives....

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10 Steps How to Become a Professional Volleyball Player

Many times I heard a question – How can I become professional volleyball player? I have an answer for you! Here are the steps you need to know.   I played in many leagues and countries. During my volleyball career I’ve learnt a huge amount about what it takes, so if you are thinking about becoming a professional volleyball player, read this! Step 1: Have a Burning Motivation If you want to become a professional volleyball player for the money or fame. You need to have the sort of drive and passion where playing at a top level matters more to you...

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Arto Hanni: I Want That Clubs and Players Trust Me

After many years on court as a brain of many teams Arto Hanni, Finnish setter, became volleyball agent. I asked him few questions about him and his new volleyball job.   You transformed from professional volleyball player to an agent of players? Why did you choose to continue with volleyball this way?First of all I love the game and I thought, I am going to be good at it. At my volleyball career I have seen so many situations where the players are treated badly. Somehow the sport world is changed to be all about money and players side...

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Sarapova and Markin Positive For Meldonium

Alexander Markin, a member of Russia’s national volleyball team and the Dinamo Moscow volleyball club, tested positive for meldonium, R-Sport news agency quoted the Volleyball Federation of Russia as saying on Tuesday.     “Markin’s case will be reviewed on April 19 by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB),” R-Sport cited Alexander Yaremenko, federation secretary-general, as saying. On Monday, Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova, admitted to testing positive for meldonium, a substance the World Anti-Doping Agency banned as of Jan....

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Is Plyometric Training Really Effective?

What effect has plyometrics on body and performance? Will you jump higher? These are the questions we answer in this part of our Volleyball Power Guide.   By making use of the stretch-shortening cycle, movements can be made more powerful and explosive. Plyometrics is simply a set of drills designed to stimulate the series elastic component over and over again – preferably during movements that mimic those is the athlete´s sport. But what long-term effect does practising plyometrics have on the body and performance?  A wide variety of training studies shows that plyometrics improve performance in vertical jumping, long...

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