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7 Best Volleyball Shoes Under $50

An intensive sport such as volleyball involves making sharp turns and jumping. Those who want to practice volleyball at competitive or recreational events need to wear a quality pair of specialized shoes. You cannot use for a sport such as volleyball the casual shoes that you wear at home or to work or at home. They are uncomfortable to play in, slippery, not stabilizing the feet to avoid injuries risk and will let you down. If you want to enjoy the best volleyball playing experience, your sports shoes must feature a non-slip rubberized sole designed to grip well most...

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10 Best Volleyball Quotes

Certain quotes in sport can often come across as slightly cheesy or cliché. But despite this they no doubt have their place. In volleyball there are a number of well-known quotes that are often used to motivate, inspire or even add perspective during certain situations. Many of the most inspirational quotes used in volleyball overlap and relate to a number of other sports; most notably American Football. This is because the two sports share many similarities in terms of tactical discipline and motivational impact. On top of this they also share similarities when it comes to betting markets such...

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How Professional Volleyball Players Improve Their Hitting

Whether you train beach volleyball during the summer months, or indoor volleyball year around, you always need a good hitter in the team. Volleyball is a dynamic sport. It calls for balance, strength, agility and speed. But just like other sports, when the players are in proper shape, the team wins. According to sbat and volleyball experts, the biggest emphasis is on the legs, shoulder and core. So, here is how professional volleyball players do it in order to improve their hitting and become better players overall. Retrospective Seeing yourself from the side and how you play the games...

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Volleyball Knee Pads for Youth

The need for knee pads in the game of volleyball cannot be overemphasised. Commonly found among youth volleyball players, the use of volleyball knee pads is essential because they help to reduce a player’s chance of sustaining a knee injury. With just only a thin layer of muscle and skin over the patella or kneecap, the knee barely has any protection of its own. It is important to note that there is no much cushion to prevent youth players from breaking their patella bone or even pushing it out of place especially when they fall on a bended knee....

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First International Veteran Volleyball Tournament taking place in the Czech Republic

International Veteran Volleyball Tournament 2017 will be held for the first time in the Czech Republic in the city of Ostrava from 29.6. to 2.7. 2017. The tournament is under the auspices of Czech Volleyball Federation and Middle European Volleyball Zonal Association, and is organized by recently established organization IVVA – Veteran Volleyball. Players have the opportunity to create their own volleyball teams and participate in various different age categories: men – (35-40, 41-45, 46-50, 51-55, 56-60, 60+), women – (35-45, 46+). “Age is no handicap” is the fundamental idea of the tournament. The main objective is to unite the...

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