Author: Rahim Rahimzadeh

Dr.Ejem: To blame a referee for a loss is just a try to put guilt upon the shoulders of somebody else

Dr. Miloslav Ejem from Czech Republic is a well-known character in the world of volleyball. He is also a famous and respectful master for Iran volleyball. He was head coach of both men and women teams of Iran volleyball prior to the Islamic Revelation. He is a multi-language person. Beside Czech, he knows Slovak, Russian, English, German and French. He has been a leader within the FIVB for over 3 decades and passed on his technical knowledge to countless up-and-coming coaches. He served on the FIVB for nearly 30 years in different commissions. He served on the Czech Volleyball...

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Shining of Iran Volleyball Part 3

  Guide of local and foreigner coaches    Park kiWon    Park Kiwon well known as Mr. Park in Iran is a veteran player of international volleyball from South Korea. He played for his country team from 1972-78. He competed at the 1972 Olympic Games of Munich and Olympic Games of Montreal at the 1976. He won the gold medal at the 1978 Asian Games in Thailand and was a member of the Korean team that finished fourth at the 1978 World Championship in Italy. After retiring as a player, Park spent nearly 20 years as a coach in...

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Shining of Iran volleyball PART 2

Shining of Iran volleyball By Leagues’ championships, guide of local and foreigner coaches The first period of Iran league with the name of PASARGAD cup started in 1975 by ambition of Ebrahim NEMATI- the first international Referee. At that time Mr. Farhad MASOUDI was president of the volleyball federation.12 teams had participated in this championship. DOKHANIYAT team achieved champion title and the name of this team was recorded as the first champion and professional team of Iran. Two old sport magazines with the name of Donyaye Varzesh and Keyhan Varzeshi had good ideal attention on projection of league’s weekly...

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Iran:The third Scientific & Sport Seminar on Women, Sport and Media

Tehran, Iran December 7, 2014 – We should believe that in the golden era of scientific improvements, sport has established a high place for itself. Sport is capable to veer the route of the society with a stunning power. Even sometimes it can create unity in one part of the globe. Moreover the topic sport and physical education could be a precious load for creating friendship and peace by exchanging the cultures. For these reasons the authorities and lovers of world sport are to this belief that sport could turn to educational means to inject health, vitality and exchange...

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Iran Volleyball Shines in passageway of the time

Seeing that Volleyball in Iran has reached to the current peak and stands among titans of the world brings pride to any Iranian inside and outside of the country. Especially for those who have tolerated hard work for progress of it. This glory is not work of one person. It is not fruit of one or two years work. It goes back to a century ago. Thanks and sincere appreciation to all of those who have worked for it. Those who are in Iran or who are living outside the country. Even who are not alive but their remembrance...

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  • Korea NT 2017
    Wide roster for Grand Prix is out in some news article. OH: Kim Yeon Koung(Fenerbahce), Park Jeong Ah(IBK), Lee Jae Young(Heungkuk), Lee So Young(GS Caltex), Kang So Hwi(GS Caltex), Go Ye Rim(Hi-Pass) MB: Kim Su Ji(Heungkuk), Yang Hyo Jin(Hyundai E&C), Bae Yoo Na(Hi-Pass), Han Su Ji(KGC) OPP: Kim Hee Jin(IBK), Kim Mi Yeon(IBK) S: Yeom […]
  • Should FIVB bring back the Best Server award?
    The serve has become such an ultimate weapon in volleyball in order to get an ace or disrupt the plays of the opponent. In many matches nowadays, the serve pressure is what makes or breaks the team. The fact that the serve is now excluded from the awarding ceremony is a blasphemy that should be […]
  • Italian NT 2017
    Here the list of the 21 for the World Legue. Missing from Rio: Juantorena (as known), Zaytsev (big surprise for me), Rossini (a pity but not a real surprise), Bira and Sottile (as predictable). Plus, no Kovar (I'm so sad about it ) I guess Buto is the captain. I wonder if that's the real […]