Author: Silvie Haktanir Filipova

Turkey opens up to 3 foreigners!

Great news! The best Turkish clubs will be finally able to use 3 foreigners in the Turkish league matches!   On the June 6th, Turkish volleyball federation announced final version of the long-expected foreign players rules for the 2012-2013 season.   The overall 2+1 rule stays, but Turkish teams participating in European cups will have right to use 3 foreigners in Turkish league matches and Turkish league play-off matches played against each other. This „amendment“ thus goes only for Aroma 1st league (not for Turkish cup) and namely for Fenerbahce, Arkas, Halkbank, Maliye Milli Piyango and Galatasaray in men´s...

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Qualification: Guidetti stirred up and took it back

Besides filling into the semifinal question marks, there was one controversial press-conference comment which soon needed a lot of walking on the egg shelves.   It is hard to be coach of a national team and at the same time coach of one the strongest clubs and sponsors of the event´s hosting country (Vakifbank Istanbul).   At the end of the Day 3, after battle for the 1st position in Pool A against Turkey which Germany lost 3:1, Giovanni Guidetti was very frustrated. We understand why – both teams played hard match with long rallies, great pace and defence,...

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Women´s Day 2: Shock for Serbia and Russia

The second day of olympic qualifications has finally brought some excitement to stands, as two big matches finished in breathtaking tie-breaks and upset the biggest favorites! And again Holland! Not giving up after defeat against Poland, Oranjes returned to match with reigning European champions from Serbia when already losing 2:0 and after hard struggle upset the favorites! “Today we succeeded thanks to our bench,” said Christian Van der Wel after match when his team was again losing in 4th match 7:16 and 15:21. After surviving dozens of match points of their opponent, Holland stormed in the tie-break with rarely...

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Olympic qualification: Holland disappointed (photo)

No big surprise during the day 1 of the women´s Olympic qualification in Ankara. Poland, Germany and Turkey have won their matches.   Giovanni Guidetti, coach of Germany and Turkish top-team Vakifbank, probably feels like at home in the new Ankara Baskent sports complex where the women´s Olympic qualification takes place.   Germany has easily beaten Croatian in straight sets 25:12, 25:16 and 25:17, as Croatia literally gave the match to them with very low 31 % of killed balls in attack and 20 attack unforced errors. Croatia plays without Maja Poljak who refused to play in national team...

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Fenerbahce took all Turkish cups!

Impressive! Ivan Miljkovic and his gang won the third and most precious Turkish trophy this season – Turkish League!   Being a Turkish cup and Supercup winner this season, Fenerbahce maintained their position of the best Turkish team of the last 3 years, as this is the third consectutive Turkish League championship for this club.   Coach Daniel Castellani who is leaving Fenerbahce after 1,5 seasons can be more than satisfied: he brought nothing less than two league championships, one Turkish cup and one Super Cup to the yellow-blue colours. The same goes for Ivan Miljkovic who – as...

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