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Volleyball Stars in Asian Volleyball Leagues

Dante, Kaziyski, Savani, Kurek, Simon…those are not just names of best volleyball players in the World in certain periods, but also the names of players who got in touch with Asian volleyball. Asian volleyball leagues prove increasing quality over past seasons and thanks to financial stability attract attention of best word players. All in all Asian volleyball is on the rise and is visible also on the international level thanks to the success of national representations. There are several important differences among local volleyball leagues of Asia and the rich states with longer volleyball tradition (Japan or South Korea)...

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5 Volleyball Legends We Should Always Remember

Before the beginning of club season, the discussions concentrated mainly on the top players starting in their new clubs. Anyway as the polish website WP reminds, this volleyball year have started also without several legendary players, who played their last matches in a previous season and therefore the volleyball is going to miss some of its iconic characters. Paweł Zagumny The celebrity of polish volleyball and the unreplaceable brain of Polish national team Paweł Zagumny decided to end his volleyball career. As 39 years old he would like to start a new chapter of his career as a volleyball...

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Who Are the Favorites of Italian Seria A1?

In one week is starting the first round of Italian Seria A1, which is considered as the most prestigious volleyball league in the world. Several important transfers have been made and most of the teams participated in them. It can hopefully mean not just growing thrillingness, but also growing financial stability of Italian teams. Although many teams could fight for the highest ranking, there are still few favorites… Modena Volley One of the aspirators on the gold will be the club from Northern Italy Modena. Thanks to new 3 years contract with company Errea as well as thanks to...

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