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The Blog of the Volleyball Lover: All together against cancer

I’ve always believed in that cliché that sport is a social phenomenon. In particular, I strongly believe in the power  of volleyball to be a changing factor in our society. Which makes me ask you the following question: Have you ever noticed that events which on first look have nothing in common, eventually lead you to the same conclusion or at least to the same thoughts… But here is a bit of pre-history to this blog post, which is more about these different points that at the end brought to me a conclusion about social impact that volleyball people...

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The Blog of the Volleyball Lover:La medaglia più bella – the most wonderful medal

We live in a crazy world. And we all know it even if we don’t want to accept it. … Sometimes I feel too much and I get too emotional  about things that surround me and have nothing to do with my personal life. And sometimes I suffer too much for the world. Even without realizing it I turned out to be a human lover that is being hurt by all the evil in our society, by all the iniquity that happens on a daily basis in almost every corner of the world. I “close” myself into my thoughts...

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The Blog of The Volleyball lover: Volleyball Is For Everyone!

How do I spend my Friday nights in the summer? If there is a volleyball match, don’t expect me to be anywhere else but in front of the TV or browsing the Internet looking for some good games (of course the best option is to attend the matches in the sports hall but since there aren’t any major volleyball events in Barcelona…). I remember my first ever to attend a volleyball match – it was a game between Bulgaria and Poland in the summer of 2002 (if I am not mistaken). Since that moment I have been to so...

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The Blog of the Volleyball Lover: Burnout in Sports?

Burnout in sports or why athletes leave the volleyball field? So, volleyball lovers, you know that I am much into telling you stories. Most of the time, I am trying to send you positive messages (and I hope I will be able to do so also in this post). This time the topic I’d like to write about is deeper. However, I hope you’d read that text and in the end of it you will be making questions and finding answers. October, 2014. I remember this afternoon when I was still living in Bulgaria. I was in the bus...

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The Blog of the Volleyball Lover:Human Emotions On The Volleyball Field

Yes, I am aware that this title could sound a bit strange. But that’s its aim. To provoke you. And me. It’s 21:42 o’clock. Monday evening.  And I cannot stop watching some volleyball pics, videos of some spectacular events that happen this Sunday, 8th of May.  And while I am doing this, I am listening to the great Frank Sinatra and his My Way.  I am surrounded by my flat mates, they are talking to me. Yet, my head and my soul are not in Spain. They are somewhere between Bulgaria and Italy. Why? Here I will explain you....

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