The Mediterranean shores of Cyprus and the city of Larnaka are surely now a favourite destinations for two young and promising Polish beach volleyball players. Two years after they grabbed the Youth World Championship title in Larnaka, Michal Bryl and Kacper Kujawiak returned to Cyprus and prevailed at the U21 World Championship.

“I am so happy now. Winning our second gold is something else, unbelievable”, Kujawiak said.

On a predominantly European Sunday, Bryl-Kujawiak met the Russians Ilya Leshukov and Aleksandr Margiev for the age-group crown. Slightly more than half an hour was enough to the Poles for the straight-set win (21-16, 21-15), which turned out to be their easiest one on Sunday. Bryl-Kujawiak had to sweat much more for the two tie-break victories in the quarterfinal and semifinal against Wickler-Schneider (Germany) and Sørum-Mol (Norway), respectively.

bvb u21wch2014 larnaka 2

Leshukov-Margiev are surely looking forward to their future achievements and the work they still have to do together. “Losing the final will not be a disappointment for us, as it will help us in future tournaments,” stated Margiev. “The fact that we had to play more matches (due to taking part in the qualification process) meant that we were more tired compared to the other teams”, Leshukov added. “Also, some of them are one year older and that also played its part.”

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The Larnaka bronze medals went in French hands. Maxime Thiercy and Romain Di Giantommaso defeated Norway’s Christian Sørum and Hendrik Mol in two sets (22-20, 21-18).

Pictures: FIVB