The legendary volleyball and beach volleyball players Reinder Nummerdor and Richard Schuil are back to the game on sand! Almost a year after they finished fourth in the 2012 London Olympics and announced their retirement as a pair, the Dutchmen are back on court.

Nummerdor and Schuil will team up again in 2013 even if they missed the start of the season and the preparation for it. They both played little or none volleyball during the past months and it was not until recently when they realized they just the game too much. The main season target will the Beach Volleyball World Championship in Stare Jablonki at the beginning of July, but until then the 40-year-old Schuil and his partner Nummerdor would need to sweat a lot to regain their Olympic form.


Their 2013 journey will start this week already with the domestic Grand Slam event in The Hague, in which they were kindly placed as top-seeded. The two stars from the Netherlands know very well that they are currently not ready for a showdown and will try to enjoy as much game time as possible.


In other news from The Hague, Olympic champion Julius Brink will have to miss the Transavia Grand Slam at the shores of Scheveningen due to injury. His partner Sebastian Fuchs will pair up with Thomas Kaczmarek during the next few days.