It’s been a while since my last blog and there have been a lot of things going on lately. First of all I can announce that I reached the level in a sportsman’s life that everybody starts calling you experienced instead of young one.

In other words I turned 30, although I will always feel young and restless no matter how old I am..:) Thanks again to my family and friends that organized everything and came to Innsbruck to celebrate this day with me far away from home.

Just few days before my birthday we had a chance to go forward to the second round of champions league, but unluckily Roeselare was smarter and more determined to take the victory and deserved to win this game. In the second round they challenged very tough opponent Belchatow (POL) and although winning the first game at home, they lost the second game and the golden set after it and their story ended there for this year.

Now we will put everything on stake for Final Four of MEVZA competition, which we will organize on 20th and 21st of March in Innsbruck, and also forAustrian Championship where our biggest opponents will most likely be Hotvolleys Vienna and Aich Dob. In past few days Aich Dob won over Izmir (TUR) at home in the challenge cup and has nice opportunity to get into the final by winning the game in Izmir or winning the golden set. Success against a team with such reputation as Izmir would be really great result for Aich Dob. Anyway it’s going to be  interesting in the playoffs and I can’t wait for the start of it.

Till the next time! Have fun, Davor