In Serbian national volleyball team the players are not only stars and famous players, the players are also great warriors. As we could see already in Sydney 2000. There were something special about them, I had a feeling they fight with their skills, body and warrior soul. The same way as Rocky Balboa.

Let´s look at the other strong teams… Russia in the first row. Everybody (including myself) thought, this is the strongest team in Europe. The way Russian killed other teams was simply amazing. They were like “Ivan Drago“, without fear, focused, machine.

Italy has the best tactical preparation, they know their enemies more than well. Italians play always “theater” games, shouting, smiling, protesting every second. Everybody in Poland love volleyball, this year the key player of Polish national team was Bartosz Kurek. Bulgaria, cold team, with two superstars – Vladimir Nikolov and Matey Kaziyski.

Back to the Serbia… I had the same feeling when I saw the semifinal Serbia – Russia or Ivan Miljkovic vs Russian monsters. Many teams gave up the match against Russia already in the dressing room, but Serbia, never! Serbian team didn´t come to the game as a loser, they had their heads up until the final whistle. No matter what, Serbian team was fighting, giving 110%. They knew if you play even game with Russia in important game, you can beat them. No matter how strong they are. In my eyes Serbian fighting spirit won that game, not one player, or someone´s attack.

Serbians with a courage in their hearts were the kings of the court in the finals too. Their will to win was simply invincible. They had the same eyes as Rocky against Ivan Drago.

My point: fight till the end, there isn´t lost game until final whistle.