Federico Pereyra told me that Argentina was prepared to be the surprise in World League Finals and, sincerely I thought that he was full of positivity and confidence. May be a dream. Even that, the victory over Italy let me think different about the young and talented argentine national team.

When Italy won the first set, the squad coached by Javier Weber grow its level up into a new one, the one of the best teams in the World. With a powerfull spiker as Facundo Conte –the new face of San Giustino in Italian A1 Series- and a creative setter as Luciano De Cecco (will play in Monza) the SouthAmerican team is entitled to dream big goals and stood at the door of a historical classification to Semifinals.

The best position ever was the fifth place in the last two World League editions. In 2009 Argentina won the passport to Final Six with a sporting merit, but in 2010 hosted the decisive stage with a 0-14 record.

The victory over eight-time champion Italy was not the work of chance, but a work known to silence criticism and take the best of each player in a difficult period of generational change. Weber took a season to prepare Scholtis in his new rol as opposite meanwhile he coach Federico Pereyra in Bolivar team. This coach gave to Quiroga (when he was 21) the responsibility to be captain and put two Under22 middle blockers in front of the best spikers of the World. This coach team lives 24-7 volleyball hours.

In Argentina, the volleyball team made a media revolution and all around the country the people ask about “the volleyball guys” where the American soccer Cup take place.

Tomorrow, more than half million espectators will watch the match between Argentina and Bulgary with the dream to be in polish semifinals.

Argentina is a dream team, because their players never stop dreaming. And until the Final 8 finish, may be their dreams will come true.