Dalibor Polak, Buenos Aires 2005
One of the best czech opposite tried volleyball league in Argentina. For a people from Europe it is a little bit exotic, but very good league.




How many teams play in the competition? How many go lower, how many come up?
12, 2, 8 play-off
Which system do you play? (basic part, play-off, play down)

At home, abroad and 8 teams play-off
When does the competition start, when does it finish? How many matches a week?
20th October – 7th May.Friday, Sunday because of distances
Matches on TV? What time do the matches start?
There is one match at 8:30 pm. – 9:30 pm. on TV every playing day.
Visit rate of matches?
2000 people
Level, quality of league, legionaries are ( maximum number )?
3 foreigners, league is very well-balanced, good quality
Which balls do you play with?
Local production PINTER…shit
Cups: How many teams are in the LM, CEV and the other cups?
WWW pages where I can find the statistics?
How many stars would you evaluate the competition? 1-bad, 5-the best


Departures to matches?
By bus, one day before, or by plane
Maximum distance, length of journey?
to 1500 km by bus and to 3000 km by plane
Infrastructure, quality?
Straight motorways but maximum speed just 95km/h
How many stars would you evaluate the traveling? 1-bad, 5-the best


Do they give or pay:
A car?

Taxi, Buenos Aires- terribly busy traffic
A meal?
They pay out twice a day to foreigners
An accomodation?
Just small flats
Lot of Fila things but shoes – shit
Vitamines and food adjuncts?
They give us something ( creatin, amino ) but largely tablets for pain
Language school, teacher?
No, but there is a lot of them here.
What about rehabilitation, doctors, masseurs?
There is not any rehabilitation here, the masseur is on training every day, club doctor
How many stars would you evaluate the clubs? 1-bad, 5-the best


Average season pay?
About 10 000 – 30 000 USD
Average pay in the country?
250 – 300 USD, there´s a want here
How many stars would you evaluate the money? 1-bad, 5-the best


How much difficult is the language to learn?
Life style, entertainment?
The natives are “out”, they still eat beefsteaks.
Women and their charm?
They are nut-brown and young
How much is 1/2 l of known beer in the restaurant? ( Heineken, Budweiser,… )
Around 2 euro
How much is 1 km by taxi?
Cheap, there´s a lot of taxi in Buenos Aires – over 45 000.
Climate, hot or cold?
Hot and moisture
How many stars would you evaluate the life? 1-bad, 5-the bestLife