Vit Rosenbaum, Sydney 2005
Very interested written text come to us long way from Australia. Vít Rosenbaum is describing the amateur volleyball league in Australia.




How many teams play in the competition? How many go lower, how many come up?
12 teams, no descents, first 4 from basic part and also the play-off progresses straight to so-called Final four.
Which system do you play? ( basic part, play-off, play-down )
Everyone plays with each other, just one match, it depends on draw where the match will be played, system is simple,
one bout and first four progress.
When does the competition start, when does it finish? How many matches a week?
The competition starts in September and finishes in the end of December ( because the burning summer begins ). Then 2 months will be the rest and the regional cup will start, the matches are usually once a week, sometimes even on Fridays and Saturdays, mostly on Saturdays evening.
Matches on TV? What time do the matches start?
There are not these matches on TV, it´s not popular sport as the rugby or Australian football is. You can watch just the live broadcasted finals.
Visit rate of matches?
Mostly about 200, that´s not proffesional competition.
Level, quality of league, legionaries are ( maximum number )?
3 teams are in the same level as Czech extraleague, the rest maybe as first Czech league. There are former representatives of Corea, China ( even one representative of Olympic ), Egypt, Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Croatia and the Czech Republic here. They bring talents from Fiji, Tonga and from the other contiguous islands of Timor. Right these legionaries who has come to start a new life here add the competition so probably the maximum number of the league players isn´t limited.
Which balls do you play with?
Cups: How many teams are in the LM, CEV and the other cups?
There are played just the regional cups in this island. Then is done a tour to another exotic country.
WWW pages where I can find the statistics?
I don´t know any.
How many stars would you evaluate the competition? 1-bad, 5-the best

The Australian volleyball is on relative edge of the evolution. Popularity of the sport is quite minimum and there it doesn´t exist any profesional league here, well samely as in the U.S.A. There the volleyball is played under the aegis of
universities and the clubs themselves have to look for the rest then. The only club where the best talents join is in Cambere. It´s called Australian institute of sport. They train and live together. This is much better than Nynburg. Then
they choose future representatives of them. The rest of them are hams. It´s hudge country where people lve in the seaside. That´s why they travel long trips. It´s quite interesting that players are not only men but also women, they play together, train and travel together too.


Departures to matches?
Because of quite long distance we travel by plane. The nearest city from Sydney takes 3 hours by car to Canberry. Usually we start one day before.
Maximum distance, length of journey?
The longest journey was to the Petrh. It was about 5000 km by plane, about 5 hours. Anyway Petrh is very nice town on the west seaside, it´s hudge long beach for surfers.
Infrastructure, quality?
The roads are not first-rate, the same as ours. Concerning traffic of the city, they have problems to observe any rules. Samely as our trains. They run and arrive when they want. And it´s very disagreeable, because fairly a lot of people travel by train in Sydney. all the infrastructure is such. Buses practise just request stop and they don´t care if they are 5 minutes late or 5 minutes before. So horror! And it´s also expensive. In Country it´s a little better, there´s a lot of companies, which enable long-distance transport. That´s quite first-rate although long.
How many stars would you evaluate the traveling? 1-bad, 5-the best


Do you give or pay:
A car?

A meal?
An accomodation?
Vitamines and food adjuncts?
Language school, teacher?
I´m selftaught person.
What about rehabilitation, doctors, masseurs?
We have physiotherapy.
How many stars would you evaluate the clubs? 1-bad, 5-the best


Average season pay?
Amateur league.
How much does the best star get?
There´s not any star here. Just these who decided to stay here and start a new life.
Average pay in the country?
It depends…somebody gets 60 D, another gets 15 D. Foreigners do hard-works, Australians don´t do anything and they have a lot of money.
How many stars would you evaluate the money? 1-bad, 5-the best


How much difficult is the language?
English has got also it´s drawbacks, ha ha ha, but it´s possible to learn it. The most difficult is slang.
Life style, entertainment?
Australians also called “topers” are- excuse me -swines. Their only entertainment is drinking since the 4th workday to the Sunday´s afternoon. Unfortunately they cannot drink, that´s why there are very strict rules concerning buying of alcohol here. Just in the bottle shop and only to 12 o´clock. They lose control and it´s their only hobby. They vomit in trains and bars and in the street one meets really a lot of dead-drunk people. For example so-caled Melbourne cup is one day when all Australia watches one race after noon which takes place in Melbourn, it lasts 3 minutes and all the next day everybody´s just drinking. I repeat- everybody. In the city you´ll not find one sober person. Horror!Women wear hats like in good horse-rate and they wager and drink. And the rest are normal people who live their strainy surfing life, in beach pubs or do another freestyle activities. They wear only slippers. Everywhere. So classical consumer west life style.
Women and their charm?
The hussies are worth old slipper. Firstly they´re very bigheaded and they like smell of money too much. And then they´re portly and concise looking creatures…well Czechs are Czechs. The rest – Asians are unfortunately more beautiful. But anyhow there is bigger number of them here. But they have good sense of clothing. That´s all. Oh, and they keck do gas. Ugh, ha ha.
How much is 1/2 l of known beer in the restaurant? ( Heineken, Budweiser,… )
They don´t like European beer. They have own kind which they serve at 0,3 l. it´s called Scooner. Favorite one is Corona. They don´t like Czech beer much. Well it´s also beer. They even are allowed to cook their own beer at home. ugh. But some of them are drinkable also. Simply it has got another taste.
How much is 1 km by taxi?
Very expensive.
Climate, hot or cold?
Practicaly cold doesn´t exist here. Especially there is very hot on the north. There is not temperature less than 15 on the south. Summer is hot and dry. When it rains it lasts just 14 days. But there is not a lot of rain here. They have problems with water.
How many stars would you evaluate the life? 1-bad, 5-the best

It depends which life style you can live. If you have a good job and qualification, you are lucky man who has got everything. you´ve got everything you want for a little money and you don´t have to do anything. These are Australians. The rest – foreigners or people without qualification have got also everything but they must work hard. But conventionaly this is such “hard-work strain”. There Asians do hard works most here. But it´s known. That´s why they lease them as cheaply payed workers. So you can live very good life. If you speak the language and you don´t have to do hard works. You can earn a lot of money.