Krishof Hoho, Knack Roeselare 2005
Volleyball league in Belgium is not only about two top european clubs (Maaseik, Roeselare). One of the “basic six” Belgium national team players will tell you more.




How many teams play in the competition? How many go lower, how many come up?
12 teams play the competition, 2 teams go lower
Which system do you play? ( basic part, play-off, play down )
One bout, play-off first against eight ( 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5 ), then semifinal and final. Play down – the last two teams play with a winner first devision little tournament, the winner stays.
When does the competition start, when does it finish, how many matches a week?
One match a week but exception are the teams playing Master League, they play twice a week since the beginning of November. the competition finishes after the play-off, it will be 1st May at the latest.
Matches on Tv? What time do the matches start?
there is one sport channel which they screen the most important matches in 5 minute abbreviation on. That´s all! They screen all the Masters League match the same day when it was played, about 1 am.!!!
Visit rate of matches?
Interesting matches about 2000 people, the rest something between 500 – 1000.
Level, quality of league, legionaries are ( maximum number ) ?
Quality of the competition is good. First 4 teams are good, the rest not so much! We have not fixed maximum number for foreigners, for example the Maaseik has got 8 foreigners and just 3 Belgian players.
Which balls do you play with?
We play with all kinds ( Mikasa, Molten, Gala ), but Mikasa is the best, we also play with them the Champions League.
Cups: How many teams are in the LM, CEV and the other cups?
2 teams are in the League Masters ( Noliko, Maaseik, Knack Roeselare ), 3 teams are in the CEV cup.
WWW pages where I can find the statistics?
we do not have one:(
How many stars would you evaluate the competition? 1-bad, 5-the best


Departures to matches?
We travel the same day when the match starts, Belgia is very small country.
Maximum distance, length of journey?
250 km!
Infrastructure, quality?
Quality of the roads is very good, there are no problems here as in another countries. All motorways are illuminated.
How many stars would you evaluate the traveling? 1-bad, 5-the best


Do they give or pay:
A car?

The most of the better clubs give a car.
A meal?
Everyone must pay this himself if he hasn´t got it written on his deed.
An accomodation?
Everyone gets some flat.
For trainings and matches yes.
Vitamines and food adjuncts?
You can ask for some vitamines, you´ll get everything you need.
Language school, teacher?
English is the main language in the world and everybody should speake it.
What about rehabilitation, doctors, masseurs?
Super! Every team has got physiotherapy, doctor, so no problem.
How many stars would you evaluate the clubs? 1-bad, 5-the best
best teams 4 stars


How much is difficult the language to learn?
Difficult and simple! Difficult for beginners but well, everyone speak English and you can learn the basis quickly.
Life style, entertinement?
There´s good life style in Belgium, these short distances between every city and everybody in this team is very nice.
Women and their charm?
Haha, women. Come and find out!
How much is 1/2 l of known beer in the restaurant? ( Heineken, Budweiser,… )
Hoegaarden, Stella about 1 Euro
How much is 1 km by taxi?
I don´t know.
Climate, hot or cold?
Rainy, not cold, the summer can be very hot.
How many stars would you evaluate the life? 1-bad, 5-the best