Ondra Kust, Ceske Budejovice 2005
Setter of Jihostroj Ceske Budejovice, two times champion of Czech is going to show us how is the volleyball in Czech Republic.




How many teams play in the competition? How many go lower, how many come up?
8 players, the last play the barrage with the winner of competition with lower lovel.
Which system do you play? ( basic, play-off, play-down )
We play 4 bouts the long-termed part, 2 times at home, 2 times abroad. First 2 teams are free after the long-termed part, the others play the play-off. The last 2 teams will contest with each other and the winners will play the barrage.
When does the competition start, when does it finish? How many matches a week?
This year the competition have started the last weekend of September, the long-termed part will finish 2nd April, we play once a week, on sunday. The play-off is played at best of five..
Matches on TV? What time do the matches start?
Matches on TV usually have 2 dates, they screen just a shots on Wednesday at 7:15 pm., and on Sunday they try to screen live broadcast, mostly at 2:35 pm.
Visit rate of matches?
I think that average number 700 people come to see the extraleague, there is less and less people coming here.
Level, quality of league, legionaries are ( maximum number ) ?
There is possible any number of legionaries here, I think that level of league still rises as to it´s balance, but the level is worse in comparison with another countries.
Which balls do you play with?
We play with Gala
Cups: How many teams are in the LM, CEV and in the other cups?
The Liberec represented our country in the Top Teams Cup and won through the Final four of the competition ( won 3rd position ). The Kladno won through the quarterfinal in this competition, and the Příbram played the CEV tournament.
WWW pages where I can find the statistics?
How many stars would you evaluate the competition? 1-bad, 5-the best


Departures to matches?
We start the day of match, by bus
Maximum distance, length of journey?
390 km
Infrastructure, quality?
How many stars would you evaluate the traveling? 1-bad, 5-the best


Do they give or pay:
A car?

A meal?
An accomodation?
Vitamines and food adjuncts?
Language school, teacher?
What about rehabilitation, doctors, masseurs?
We have rehabilitation twice a week and I don´t keep in touch with any doctor because I´m pretty well.
How many stars would you evaluate the clubs? 1-bad, 5-the best


Average season pay?
35 000 – 50 000 Kč per month (1300 – 1700 euro)
How much does the best star get?
I can´t judge this but I think that it is something about 150 000 Kč monthly (5200 euro)
Average pay in the country?
21 000 Kč (800 euro)
How many stars would you evaluate the money? 1-bad, 5-the best


How much difficult is the language to learn?
I think that it´s very difficult for somebody
Life, entertainment?
Sure we drink but less than it used to be.
Women and their charm?
Czechs are very pretty girls.
How much is 1/2 l of known beer in restaurant? ( Heineken, Budweiser… )
The Gambrinus at Ginbar is 17 Kč (0,6 euro) and Heineken 50 Kč (1,7 euro)
How much is 1 km by taxi?
I think that about 15 Kč but when I travel by taxi it seems to be very expensive to me.
Climate, hot or cold?
We live in the temperate zone where every season takes turn regularly.
How many stars would you evaluate the life? 1-bad, 5-the best