After the second weekend of this year World League Netherlands, Serbia and Russia remain the leaders of their pools. Cuba took the pole position in the pool D. Brazil and Italy are close to the top.



After the second weekend of the World League Netherlands remain the leader of the pool A, followed closely by Brazil. Bulgaria didn’t have any problems to beat twice in straight sets outsider of the pool, Korea and is ranked as a third team. Netherlands caused the biggest surprise of this year edition of World League by winning in straight sets with Brazil in front of their home audience. However guys of coach Bernardo Rezende took the revenge the next day, by winning with the opposite site 3-1.

World league 2010 complete results and ranking

Rivalry in the pool B didn’t bring any surprising results this week. Serbia continues its road to Final Six in Argentina by winning in straight sets with France. Team of coach Philippe Blain suffered much because of absence of its opposite Antonin Rouzier and had some serious problems in both attack and defence. Italy twice outclassed China and now will be hosting Serbia in the rivalry which might be named as a clash of the titans. Serbia is still leading the pool B but closely followed by Italy.

Reigning Olympic champions, USA, got back to their high performance and won twice over Finland, after the tough and exciting games. Finland was close to lead to tie-break but after last week two defeats against Russia USA did their best to avoid the thriller in the fifth set. Russia managed to win twice against Egypt but in the second game visitors played surprisingly well and home side was forced to fight in five sets. However Russia remain on the top of pool C, USA are ranked as the second team, followed by Finland and Egypt. Although Russia got all the possibilities to win its pool, every other team can take the second place and rivalry in this pool should be the most exciting.

We also didn’t have any big surprises in the pool D. Team of Germany lost twice against Cuba and is no longer a leader of the pool. The pole position belongs now to Cuba which does its best to repeat its last year success and get promoted to the Final Six. After sensational losts with Germany reigning European champions Poland got back to its high performance and concentration and won twice against young team of Argentina. Argentina, the host of this year World League final tournament was playing with confidence and belief in its skills and lost the second game in the tie-break.

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