Beauvais survived loosing two sets to nil and knocked down Montpellierin the final of the French Cup 3:2. It is a first trophy for the Beauvais in the history of the club.



Montpellier after three set victory in semifinals perfectly started the final match. Montpellier managed to snatch the first two set. But then as in the semifinal against Cannes, Beauvais Oise University Club came back to the game. Beauvais reacted perfectly and won third and fourth set. The trust had clearly changed sides and Beauvaisiens, confident of their game acquired fifth set. Team of Beauvais leave the hall with a ticket for the next year of Champions League. Clearly, they will remember this weekend in Paris for a long time.

Beauvais Oise U.C. 3 24 19 25 27 15
Montpellier Université Club VB 2 26 25 23 25 9
Beauvais Oise U.C. 3 22 22 25 25 15
AS Cannes Volley-Ball 2 25 25 22 18 13
Montpellier Université Club VB 3 26 25 33    
Tours Volley-Ball 0 24 21 31