After a few months of uncertainty, Bolivar finally confirmed its place. The team of Buenos Aires reached an agreement with the club and will participate in this season competition, with a less ambitious project and a smaller budget.


Nevertheless, important players as Cavanna and Tuba will take part in the new roster, which will be 100% renewed and conformed by former Bolivar players.

A lot has been said after losing the semifinal against the ultimately champion UPCN San Juan. Giba’s absence in the last matches and a weird environment between players and managers planted the doubt of Bolivar’s continuity next season. Nearly three months passed with little news and lots of rumors but, finally, the confirmation arrived. Luciano Carvallo Laveglia, president of the club, made official that Bolivar is still alive and will have a new head coach: Rodrigo Martinez Granados, who is also the club’s coordinator of youth divisions, from where talents as Luciano De Cecco rise and learned to play.

The new roster will have Maximiliano Cavanna as one of the most distinguished players. Brolo’s former setter refused interesting offers from Poland Plusliga and decided to return to Argentina, where he last played in La Union de Formosa, in 2011. He will manage the threads and will try to assist Brazilian opposite hitter, Tuba, who will return to the club that crowned him champion in 2004. Francisco Russo and Ivan Marquez will be the middle blockers, and Enrique Laneri and Martin Hernandez, the wing spikers. Players from the junior divisions of Bolivar will complete the list of 14 players.

As for last season team, everybody is gone. Javier Weber (Dinamo Krasnodar), Sebastian Sole and Donald Suxho (Trentino), Pablo Crer (Vibo Valentia), Alexis Gonzalez and Guillermo Garcia (Rennes), Lucas Ocampo (Lomas), Javier Filardi (UPCN) while Gabriel Arroyo and Giba have not yet decided their future. Angel Dennis was the last to leave, and despite having 1 more year in his contract, he is moving to Canoas, Brasil.