Shock for the Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia. E. Contreras is in Italy with a residence permit which is not in compliance with the Italian Laws.




In order to obtain the entry visa in Italy and the residence permit the athlete produced papers which had been forged by his brother.

The officers of the Immigration Division in the Questorship of Vibo Valentia have notified a conclusion announcement of their investigations to Elvis Daverson Contreras Ve Los Santos, 25 years old, from the Dominican Republic, because he was investigated for the crime of violation of Immigration Law.

The volleyball player had been introduced himself as Elvi Dalsires Contreras De Los Santos, 20-years old, to obtain the entry visa and the residence permit. Besides, the athlete has been the addressee of a refusal decree of the residence permit from the Quaestor of Vibo Valentia with the concomitant notification of the deportation order from the Italian territory issued by the Prefect.