One the second day of the Men’s Club World Championship played in Batim, Lokomotiv Novosibirsk, one of the favourites, moved to the contest. The CEV Champions League winners outclassed Dominican La Romana in straight sets reaching perfect 71 percentage efficiency of attacks. Panasonic Panthers of Japan saved chances to gain semi-final after defeating Iranian Kal-Kalleh while the host, Sada Cruzeiro, has already stolen a ticket to top 4 in the World from FIVB office.



Panasonic Panthers – Kalleh 3:1 (25-19, 24-26, 30-28, 25-16)
Panthers (Japan): Fukatsu 2, Dante 16, Yamazoe 11, Shimizu 27, Fukuzawa 11, Shirasawa 11, Nagano (L) and Ito 1, Watanabe, Kawamura, Otake 1
Kalleh: Narimanezhad, Mirzajanpour 10, Nadi 11, Ghara 16, Sajjadi 11, Jadidi 9, Rahimi (L) and Salafzoon, Ebadipour 2, Alipour, Hosseinabadi

Kal-Kalleh took the lead 8-5 following some sloppy plays by Panasonic. The Panthers reacted with good defensive plays to equalize at 10-all when Kunihiro Shimizu blocked the spike by Reza Ghara. Moments later, Shimizu scored two consecutive aces for a 13-11 score. They were in front 16-14 and expanded the lead to 20-14 thanks to the block by Shinya Yamazoe against Ghara. The Panthers took the first set 25-19 with Yuki Ito blocking Seyed Sajjadi.

The Iranian club was in front 8-6 in the second set. When play resumed Alireza Jadidi blocked Yamazoe for a three-point gap. A bad streak of unforced errors by Kal-Kalleh allowed the Panthers to take the lead 14-13. Two spikes by Fukuzawa sent Panasonic to a 16-14 advantage. They increased to 21-18 when Takahisa Otake blocked Milad Ebadipour, but then committed two consecutive errors to close the score at 21-20. Kal Kalleh tied at 23 and took the lead 24-23 with the block by Alireza Nadi against Dante Amaral. The Iranian side won it 26-24 with the block by Milad Mirzajanpour off Shimizu.

The left-hander Shimizu put the Panthers in front 8-7. The Panthers then took the wrong path and committed five unforced errors allowing Kal-Kalleh to take a 16-13 advantage. Sajjadi took care of maintaining the three-point difference at 22-19 despite the offensive exploits by Shimizu. Consecutive spikes by Yamazoe and Shimizu cut the distance to 22-21 and we had a tied score at 24-all when Shimizu landed his third ace of the match. The duel continued until one spike by Shimizu combined with one out-of-bounds attack by Mirzajanpour for the 30-28 score in favor of Panasonic.

Panthers took an 8-6 lead in the fourth set. The distance widened to 10-6 with two spikes in a row by Dante and Shimizu. The Panthers didn’t stop and built a commanding 16-9 advantage at the second TTO and went on to take the set 25-16 and the match with local hero Dante scoring the last two points for the winners.

Team Stats:

Action Spike points Spike % Block Serve Reception Digs Errors
Panthers 67 52% 9 6 50% 45 30
Kalleh 43 39% 13 3 50% 41 22


Action Points Spike Points Spike % Spike errors Block Serve Errors
Kunihiro Shimizu 27 21 51% 11 3 3 13
Reza Ghara 16 13 38% 6 2 1 7




Lokomotiv Novosibirsk – La Romana 3:0 (25-20, 25-23, 25-17)
Lokomotiv (Russia): Butko 5, Divis 13, Astashenkov 5, Moroz 13, Camejo 12, Volvich 6, Golubev (L) and Zhilin, Leonenko 1, Zubkov
La Romana: Castro 2, Contreras 8, Lara 5, Tapia 5, Recio 10, Camprechano 5, Peguero (L) and Palomino, Garcia 1, Frias 1, Aqiuno, Adames

Lokomotiv took an 8-7 lead behind the spike by Cuban-born Oreol Camejo. The Russian team was in front 16-13 relying on their attacks down the middle and extended the margin to 18-13 when Camejo blocked Pedro García. La Romana closed the distance to 21-19 with the spike by Elvis Contreras. Then Butko served one ace, Divis blocked Contreras and Astashenkov scored with a thunderous spike for the 25-20.

Lokomotiv led 8-7 but the Dominican club took the lead 14-13 via block by Contreras against Divis. German Recio scored with a tip for the 16-15 score in favor of La Romana. Contreras served one ace but Lokomotiv came back to tie at 17-all carried on the shoulders of Pavel Moroz and Camejo. Recio blocked Moroz for 19-18 but Moroz took revenge with a big blow. Moroz and Artem Volvich gave Lokomotiv space to breath at 24-22. Contreras sent La Romana to one point distance but Volvich closed the actions with a huge shot down the middle for 25-23.

The Russian club stormed into a 6-3 lead in the third set. They were in front 8-4 at the first TTO and increased to 12-6 when Moroz blocked Garcia. Camejo’s consistent attacks gave Lokomotiv enough comfort with a 16-9 margin at the second stop. The set finished 25-17 with the spike by Astashenkov.

Team Stats:

Action Spike points Spike % Block Serve Reception Digs Errors
Lokomotiv 43 60% 10 2 71% 22 22
La Romana 33 46% 4 1 43% 19 20


Team Leaders:

Action Points Spike Points Spike % Spike errors Block Serve Errors
Pavel Moroz 13 9 42% 5 4 0 9
Elvis Contreras 8 6 42% 2 1 1 5




Sada Cruzeiro – Club Sportif Sfaxlen 3:0 (25-16, 25-17, 25-15)
Sada (Brazil): William 1, Leal 11, Issac 6, Wallace 11, Diaz 5, Eder 7, Serginho (L) and Vinhedo 1, Douglas 2, Paulo Victor 6, Ferraz 1, Barreto
Sfaxlen (Tunisia): Sellam 2, Hfaiedh 4, Zouari 4, Ben Abdallah 7, Moalla 5, Trabelsi, Tawargu (L) and Agrebi 5, Siala

Sada Cruzeiro relied on a balanced offense to build an 8-4 advantage in the opening set.  The home side continued on the same road and led 16-11 at the second pause following the tip by Luis Diaz off the Sfaxien block. The first set was converted into a one-way street and closed 25-16 with a thundering spike by Yoandy Leal from the back court. Leal and Isaac Santos each had 4 points while Eder Carbonera, Luis Diaz and Wallace Souza chipped in with three apiece.

The local club took a 3-0 lead when Wallace capped an exciting exchange with a big spike much to the joy of the fans. At the first TTO, Sada Cruzeiro was in front 8-6. One ace by Wallace increased the gap to three points and Leal and Paulo Costa Da Silva scored via spikes for a 16-11 score at the second technical stop. The second frame concluded at 25-17.

It was more of the same in the third set as Sada Cruzeiro established an 8-5 margin and led 16-10 at the second technical time-out with a terrific ace by Wallace. When play resumed Ben Abdallah and Ismael Moalla combined spike and block to reduce the difference to 16-12.The third set finished 25-15.

Team Stats:

Action Spike points Spike % Block Serve Reception Digs Errors
Sada 40 57% 8 3 68% 36 20
Sfaxlen 24 31% 3 1 50% 26 24


Team Leaders:

Action Points Spike Points Spike % Spike errors Block Serve Errors
Wallace 11 9 56% 0 0 2 2
Mohamed Ben Abdallah 7 6 30% 8 0 1 11