Czech Republic, the dark horse of WCH, was close to beat Brazil but in the end lost their game 2-3. France without injured Rouzier was crushed by USA.




France, Italy and USA are fighting for semi-finals in pool O. Brazil, Czech Republic and Germany meet in pool R.

USA had no problem to win over France in straight sets. Without injured opposite Antonin Rouzier vice-champions of Europe were playing ineffective and managed to play well only in the end of the third set. First and second sets were totally dominated by Americans whose serve and spike were deadly dangerous for the French defense. Clayton Stanley was the top-scored for USA (14 points), also Rooney, Lee and Priddy scored several points for their team. French setter, Pierre Pujol who excellently co-operated with Rouzier found it difficult to work with Ngapeth and was replaced by Toniutti in the third set. This change helped France to re-enter the game but experienced Americans kept more cold blood for the end of this set and claimed an easy victory over “les bleus”. USA will clash with Italy for the participation in semi-final.

France-USA 0-3 (16-25, 14-25, 23-25)

Team squads:

France: Hardy-Dessources (9), Vadeleux (1), Antiga (9), Marechal (8), Pujol (1), Kieffer (4), Exiga (libero) and Ngapeth (5), Toniutti (1), Samica
USA: Rooney (11), Lee (11), Priddy (10), Stanley (14), Hansen (3), Holt (4), Lambourne (libero) and Lotman, Winder, Clark

Czech Republic played another great game at this wold championship. Guys of coach Jan Svoboda showed no respect to the biggest favorite to win the gold in Italy, Brazil. Czech team played fast and efficient volleyball and was even leading 2-1 in sets! However Brazil made use of their experience and improved their play in the fourth set, allowing them to fight for the victory in the tie-break. Czech Republic, the dark horse of the WCH, didn’t manage to keep their pace in the fifth set and after the exciting and one of the best matches of this tournament, lost their game against Brazil 2-3. Once again Tichacek and his teammates confirmed their excellent preparation for the championship and that they can beat every team. After the infamous game with Bulgaria, Brazil managed to get back to their best performance and had to use all the force and skills to win over the Czech Republic. Murilo was the true leader of his team, with 25 points on his account. After serious health problems Marlon got back to the team. Brazil’s victory in tie-break means that we will still watch interesting rivalry in pool R and everything can happen.

Czech Republic-Brazil 2-3 (20-25, 25-22, 25-23, 21-25, 8-15)

Team squads:

Czech Republic: Popelka (4), Konecny P. (14), Vesely (5), Stokr (14), Platenik (18), Tichacek (2), Krystof (libero) and Hudecek (14), Konecny D.

Brazil: Bruno (2), Visotto (9), Murilo (25), Rodrigao (15), Lucas (6), Dante (19), Mario (libero) and Sidao, Giba, Theo (10), Marlon