One week before the last round of PlusLiga, Delecta beat Jastrzebski Wegiel in fascinating match in Bydgoszcz. It was the game of fighters in Bydgoszcz. Delecta needed points to maintain the leadership in ranking and Jastrzebski Wegiel had some improvement to do. First, the hosts dominated over Jastrzebie.


With – as always – high disposition of Antiga and Konarski, Delecta could win the first set. However, Jastrzebski Wegiel also came there to add themselves some points in ranking, so after an amazing fight, with many long and exciting actions they took the 2nd and the 4th set. Michal Lasko (19 points), Michal Kubiak (18 p.) and Rob Bontje (14 p) gave a great hopes for winning tie break, but in the end, hosts could work better with their block and this way they kept a leader position.

Delecta Bydgoszcz – Jastrzebski Wegiel 3:2 (25:17, 22:25, 25:22, 16:25, 15:10)
MVP: Dawid Konarski


Unfortunately, the game between AZS Olsztyn and Trefl Gdansk was not that good. The stake was high, because Olsztyn still has mathematical chances for being in play offs, so Radoslaw Panas and his team were strongly motivated that day. AZS was leading through the most part of the game and they beat Gdansk quickly in three sets. However, it did not give him what they want yet. During the next round Olsztyn would have to score some points with Delecta to eliminate Gdansk from the game and stay safely in the best eight.

Indykpol AZS Olsztyn  – Lotos Trefl Gdansk 3:0 (25:18, 25:23, 25:20)
MVP: Michal Zurek


Asseco Resovia Rzeszow came to Warsaw to rebuild their confidence after a failure in Polish Cup. At the beginning their game was not very comforting, so Andrzej Kowal change the squad a little by bringing Jochen Schöps and Nikola Kovacevic. It was a crucial move, because from that moment Polish Champion improved their performance and could quite easily win three point in this match. Kovacevic scored 13 points and Schöps earned 18 of them and became MVP. In AZS Marcin Nowak gained 12 points and up to 83% of efficiency!

AZS Politechnika Warszawa – Asseco Resovia Rzeszow 1:3 (25:23, 24:26, 18:25, 21:25)
MVP: Jochen Schöps


After very long series of defeats, Skra Belchatow won over Effector Kielce. Belchatow lost four previous games and also was eliminated form Polish Cup and Champions League. Now they have to focus their whole energy on saving this season in PlusLiga. This week they managed to win with Kielce without any problem. Kielce at home scored only one set at the beginning and after that Belchatow did not gave them any real chances to improve that result. The best scorer of PGE was Mariusz Wlazly (18 points), but the middle blocker Wytze Kooistra played that game with 86% of efficiency (15 points) and he received MVP award for this match.

Effector Kielce – PGE Skra Belchatow 1:3 (25:18, 18:25, 23:25, 18:25)
MVP: Wytze Kooistra


Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle again has to face some health issues in their team. In Czestochowa they played  a long game with AZS, who has no chances for play off, but they’ve already beaten Asseco Resovia Rzeszow and Skra Belchatow this season. That day we also saw a tie break. First, Zaksa won their two sets extremely easy (13:25 and 10:25), but AZS triumphed at the 4th part. Without Jurij Gladyr and Antonin Rouzier, Zaksa won a tie break and for now they are the second team in ranking. In a week they will meet with Effector Kielce.

Wkret-met AZS Czestochowa – Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle 2:3 (13:25, 25:23, 10:25, 25:19, 10:15)
MVP: Dominik Witczak