Long time in Russia was the title in hands of Lokomotiv Belgorod, but this year Dynamo Moscow cut the series of Belgorod. Dynamo won the last match 3:1 in the last fifth match of the finals.



All the regular season Dynamo hold the first position in the russian superleague. For the players of Vlad Alekno is the victory of the russian title big satisfaction. During the season team of Alekno had three peaks. They could not win the russian cup, in Champions league the goal of team was higher than forth place. In russian cup also in the Champions league they lost just with Belgorod.

In the finals there has been a big difference between the opposite players. Poltavskyi was the main force of the Dynamo. On the other side Baranov did not played well. For Baranov all the season was not good, some matches he performed well but the most of the season his teammates could not count with his stable play.