Team of B. Rezende lost another game in four sets with European champions from Serbia. “This is an important victory for us“, said MVP of the game Ivan Miljkovic.


Ivan Miljkovic about the game: “Brazil is always interesting for us. All the games are very important, but for sure this is an important victory for us, even though we don’t have big chances to qualify. But it will help us improve our games and change our approach moving forward“.

The first two games in Hamamatsu we played with a young team and they put up good resistance. I think they learned a lot. We were fresher than Brazil today, and some of our starters were well rested. But yes, this is an important victory for us“, added Serbian captain.

We had so many mistakes today. And for us in such big a match, we really wanted to win. Serbia played very good in their attack, Nikic and Miljkovic played well, and with us not blocking or defending well is difficult, making too many mistakes“, commented the lost game Giba.


source: FIVB