We have been talking so much about rounds, legs, best team, best player, most valuable player forgetting, perhaps it would be the time to ‘introduce’ you to the French league, otherwise known as LAF. I will not go into further details about scheduling, planning, numbers and other issues concerning the organizational matter, as I would rather save words for more interesting details and nevertheless, for your interest.

France is famous for its cuisine’, for its artists, for its fine wines…It is also known to be a country that loves football, handball, horse racing, but not so much volleyball. The problem might raise several questions, but this may not become the subject of our article. The truth is that volleyball suffers on promotion level, therefore it somehow stubbornly sticks to a constant audience regularly formed by connaisseurs.

A bird’s eye view shows that men’s volleyball is considerably more popular than female, certainly due to a better national team performance achieved during past years, one might say, starting with Antiga’s era. Its lack of popularity among French natives has been forcing clubs to constantly resort to foreign players. The repercussion never hesitated to arrive: poor performance on national level. Paradoxically, in the same time, French clubs have been registering improvements and better results on European arena. The French federation has set up a new strategy meant to upgrade and to bring about evolution of female national team. No surprise that measures and lack of consistency have determined French clubs to countless objections and ploys. New national strategy compels clubs to recruit more French players, to include them in the starting six especially for regular season matches and to become transparent thoroughly.

On one hand, the initiative of FFVB is due to help and promote French players, offering them in the same time a secure financial environment, but on the other hand it burdens clubs’ activity as well as administration. At the moment the federation and its members might not receive the most pleasant feedback, but perhaps the recent decisions will pay back soon, on a longer term effect. Nevertheless, only time and competitions would tell…