All the teams from Pool B are already in the wonderful city of Trieste. Bulgaria, Brazil, Serbia, Turkey, Cameroon and Canada are the ones to enter to the battle in this first stage.




The official press conference before the start was held today in a small theatre. All the head coaches told journalists that the Pool is a very tough one and expect good play and interesting matches.

The Brazilian head coach Ze Roberto was involved in an interesting situation with the Bulgarian one Vladimir Kuziutkin. Firstly Koziutkin shared that his favorite in the tournament is Brazil and this made Ze Roberto smile. The Brazilian interpreted the words by Koziutkin as kind of provocation and responded that obviously his favorite is Bulgaria as both teams play tomorrow.

Here is what Ze Roberto and the others shared:

Ze Roberto, head coach of Brazil: “Our group here in Trieste is a very tough one, but on the other hand I think that we are in a good shape. It is a big honor for our team to be here and we are looking forward for the Championship to begin. Obviously my favorite is Bulgaria”.

Vladimir Koziutkin, head coach of Bulgaria: We made a really good preparation for the World Championship. I have in mind winning the Cup of Elcin and the finals in third division of FIVB World Grand Prix. Unfortunately we lost one of our best players few days ago- Eva Yaneva is injured and could not take part in the Championship.  About the matches: first, I’d like to greet my colleagues and to wish them luck. I hope that we won’t mislead the volleyball fans in Triest and we will show some good quality volleyball. This is our main aim- to play well. As for the favorites – I think that all the teams here are strong but my favorite is Brazil.”

Zoran Terzic, head coach of Serbia: We know that all the teams here are very strong, but we hope to do our best. We didn’t present very well in FIVB World Grand Prix, but our first aim was the World Championship. I know that there are a lot of Serbian people here in Trieste, so I’d be very happy to see them in the sports hall”.

Massimo Barbolini, head coach of Turkey: In the past  days we had some problems with our physical shape, but I hope that everything will be ok now, so that we could show our best.  This tournament is a very difficult one and we’d like to play game for game. I don’t want to make any bigger plans for the future. Every single match here will be very important. “

Jean- Rene Akono, head coach of Cameroon:  We are very happy to be here. We are a small team and we are not used to play in such big matches. Many of my players have only seen their opponents in the television and now they have to play against them. I think that this could help them a lot to get experience for the upcoming African Games in 2015 and the Olympic ones in 2016.

Arnd Ludwig, head coach of Canada:  We played in FIVB World Grand Prix and this helped us a lot. It is dream came true that we are here and I hope to play well. I don’t want to talk about any favorites – this a work for you, the journalists”.