The 7th Match Day of the Greek women’s League was characterized by the derby between AEK – Olympiacos. AEK and Olympiacos along with Iraklis Kifisias are considered the best teams in the league, and especially the first two are the candidates of the season’s trophies.

Aek won this game by 3-1. A game that was not an easy one for AEK that it seems that is dancing on ice on this championship.

The first set AEK was very bad, bad receives and unfinished attacks. Second set AEK came back into the game, made fewer mistakes and Olympiacos’ players though they fought hard didn’t end up with the result they wanted. Third and Fourth set Olympiacos had serious problems on developing its game, the coach changed the setter and the receiver and at the last set he even changed the opposite but with no much lack and especially at the fourth set AEK dominated through and through. The gap between the two teams would have been even more great but at the last 2 points some fans came too close, the referee stopped the game, and AEK’s girls were disorganized and as a result Olympiacos took 7 points in a row.

The sets:  19-25, 25-18, 25-23, 25-19


At the second game, Iraklis Kifisias won Iraklis Thessalonikis by 3-1 as well (25-21, 22-25, 25-19, 25-15).

Iraklis Kifisias had a hard day taking the victory from Iraklis Thessaloniki due to the many mistakes. And Iraklis Thessaloniki though not as strong as Iraklis Kifisias team, had a lot of assets in comparison to their inexperienced young players, like passion and concentration.  Only at the last set where the team of Thessaloniki made too many mistakes was conquered easily by Iraklis Kifisias.