The 10th Memorial has began – during the first day hosts and Germany won over their rivals rather easily.




The first game – Argentina:Germany

German team started this game better – with blocks and lucky spikes. On the other hand, Argentina made some mistakes and they were loosing on the first TTO 6:8. After that, Germans only enlarged their advantage and Javier Weber took a break at 7:11. Schoops spiked ace for 15th point, and Pablo Crer made a mistake in the attack from the middle. After the second TTO Argentina scored some points more and it was 20:18 Germany. A little later Conte spiked in a beautiful action, having a “clean shot”. Finally, Germans won this first set after Argentinian mistake on the service.
At the beggining of the second set Argentina was more focused and despite of good German service, they took a lead 10:6. Germans calmly carried on and made a tie 11:11 and went ahead 14:12. They blocked a few actions and safely maintained  a few points different. Argentina mixed good moves with simple mistakes. Long action was won by Conte (22:21 Germany). The second set finished with the same result as the previous one: 25:23 and 2:0 for Germans.
The next part started pretty equally. Argentinian players had more energy and Germans made more mistakes (12:12), Argentina took a lead 16:13, Germany lost their power and efficiency. Federico Pereyra gave big support to his team in a short time. Marcus Steuerwald changed Bjorn Andrae and he spiked an ace right away. Quiroga closed this set 25:21.
Germans felt that this victory could have slipped out of their hands, so they got down to work and make it 8:4 on the first TTO. After that they didn’t let anything bad happen to them and they won the first match of this Memorial.


The second match – Poland:Iran

In the second game, Iran started ahead – 2:5 and than Anastasi took a break to calm his players down. Poles had problems with receiving strong Iranian service.
Kurek’s spike made it 11:12. Good service of Jakub Jarosz and block of Marcin Mozdzonek gave the first lead to Poland (15:14). The rest of this set was taught and equal, but in the end good Polish block ensured victory of the hosts.
The second part was about change: the leader was changing over and over from the very beginning, both teams could spike two points and than they were loosing next actions. After the first TTO, guests took a lead 10:8, but it didn’t last long. Soon Poland was ahead (13:11). After that, Iran started to have bigger problems and made more and more mistakes. This time there was no thrilling finish and hosts won 25:20.
The last set again bring some emotions and ties (10:10). It was a good game of Piotr Nowakowski. On the other hand, Michal Kubiak had problems with receiving and Iran could read Polish game very well, which let them block Anastasi’s team. After this 10:10 result, Poland built advantage to make sure this game won’t last any longer. Bartosz Kurek closed this game with a spike and the set finished 25:22.

Today Argentina will play with Iran and Poland is meeting Germany.