Sisley Treviso is the winner of Italian Serie A1. Sisley did not lose even one game in play-offs and deserved the victory in championship. For Sisley it is the 9th title in history. 



Sisley is dominating Italian championship in last years. In last five years only Macerata could beat Treviso in 2006 finals. With a problems in regular championship and many injuries still Treviso could be the best in Italy. For Copra Berni Piacenza it was the second final in a history of the club and also ticket to Champions League 2007/2008.

Sisley Treviso333
Copra Berni Piacenza120

Sisley Treviso will meet M. Roma Volley is semifinals. Both teams need only two games to get to semifinals. Copra Berni Piacenza is the third semifinalist. Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo, the fourth semifinalist, had to fight for every point with Itas Diatec Trentino. Also in the decisive third match the result was 3:2.

Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo3110
Copra Berni Piacenza1333
Sisley Treviso333
M. Roma Volley211


1/4 final   
Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo233
Itas Diatec Trentino322
Copra Berni Piacenza33
Cimone Modena01
M. Roma Volley33
Prisma Taranto11
Sisley Treviso33 Perugia21

In the last round Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo beats Piacenza, and with the defeat of Rome in Padova, is at the top of the standing. Taranto is for the first time in its history in the Play Off. Padova won against Rome that means Padova is safe and will play also next year the Serie A1 TIM championship. Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia and Marmi Lanza Verona will be missing in the next season of volleyball A1 Serie.

Regular season    
1Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo2620657
2M. Roma Volley2619756
3Sisley Treviso2617950
4Copra Berni Piacenza2617949
5Cimone Modena26151145 Perugia26151143
7Prisma Taranto26131343
8Itas Diatec Trentino26121441
9Acqua Paradiso Gabeca Montichiari26141240
10Lube Banca Marche Macerata26121434
11Maggiora Latina2681824
12Antonveneta Padova2662023
13Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia2681822
14Marmi Lanza Verona2662019