To the team from Trento happened the first defeat in Serie A1 of this season. The conquerors of their land were the players of Marmi Lanza Verona.




One of the biggest surprise of this round was the victory of Marmi Lanza Verona over Itas Diatec Trentino. The team from Verona won in Trento for the first time in their history. They broke, at the same time, a streak of 21 victories consecutive in Serie A1 of the World and European Champions. Verona played volleyball on the highest level. In the difficult moments they stayed united and knew how to solve their problems. The absolute heroes of the match were Marco Meoni, who was awarded as the MVP, and Michal Lasko (24 points made). Together they were finding a way to pass the block of Trento during the whole match (in the result Trento blocked effectively only 9 times). An excellent cooperation between block and defence in Verona made Trento lose their confidence what, in combination with low efficiency of the main Trentino’s scorers – Kaziyski and Stokr, had to end with a victory of the guests.

Marco Meoni said: “It was a joy to win here, but it doesn’t mean we are stronger than the team of World Champions. We took the advantage of their weak day. We enjoy this moment, but from the next week we have to start thinking of the match with Forli with this determination in our heads.”

Another surprising result took place in Treviso where the hosts (and the favorites) – Sisley – lost their match with Andreoli Latina. Treviso entered on the court without Alessandro Farina that determined their low efficiency in the reception. Latina, especially Goran Vujevic, who was voted for the MVP, shined on the net. The best scorer from Latina was Sasa Starovic (18 points) and from Treviso – Alessandro Fei (11). This defeat alienates Sisley from the 3rd place in the standings, for Latina it’s a big step to stay safe in Serie A1.

Roberto Piazza said: “I don’t have much to say, they dominated from the beginning until the end. We didn’t dedicate ourselves to this match. Congratulations for them, but if we want to make good results, like win the CEV Cup, playing like in the last two matches, we are left field.”