Russian Volleyball Superleague 2007/08 has started with many new faces. Like every year only two foreign players can be on the list of each superleague team.



In Dynamo Kazan L. Ball and C. Stanley are continuing to play for this season. Dynamo Moscow left M. Kazijski and libero Salparov. New players in Moscow are spiker M. Cernic and libero A. Barbosa. Iskra Odintsovo bought the biggest star "Giba" together with German opposite Schops. D. Mezsaros and T. Hoff will play in Siberian Novy Urengoi. Ekaterinburg has two Canadians – Haldane and Martin. T. Samelvuo rest in Kaliningrad. Belgorod will see performance of big Brazilian talent opposite Samuel. Two French players are in Ural Ufa –  De Kegret and Herpe. Also Novosibirsk got good players, H. Soto and R. Priddy.

 Foreigners in Russian Superleague 2007/08
Dynamo-Tattransgaz Ball (USA)
Kazan Stanley (USA)
Dynamo Cernic (ITA)
Moscow Barbosa (BRA)
Iskra Giba (BRA)
Odintsovo Schops (GER)
Fakel Mezsaros (HUN)
Novy Urengoi Hoff (USA)
Lokomotiv-Izumrud Haldane (CAN)
Ekaterinburg Martin (CAN)
Dynamo-Yantar Samelvuo (FIN)
Kaliningrad Rooney (USA)
ZSK-Gazpron Hachemi
Surgut Gadnik (SLO)
Lokomotiv-Belogorie Samuel (BRA)
Belgorod De Peste 
Ural De Kegret (FRA)
Ufa Herpe (FRA)
Lokomotiv Soto (PUE)
Novosibirsk Priddy (USA