Belchatow needed only three matches to win over Czestochowa. The competition between Zaksa and Resovia Rzeszow was much more exciting.




Zaksa came to Rzeszow with a simple task: to win at least one meeting. They did it in the first day of this semifinal. This match was very long. Both teams were playing with their second spikers. Both Józefacki (Rzeszow) and Witczak (Zaksa) had a great form, they became the MVPs of two games. When semifinal moved to Kedzierzyn-Kozle, the result was 1:1. The third match was played according to host’s plan. Zaksa was also strongly determined in the last game. Although it was the great performance of Grozer, who came back, Zaksa did not want to loose this big chance. Match finished after 4 sets and Zaksa could celebrate their advance to the final.

Asseco Resovia Rzeszow – Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle 2:3 (25:19, 18:25, 18:25, 25:17, 10:15) MVP: Dominik Witczak

Asseco Resovia Rzeszow – Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle 3:0 (25:21, 25:19, 25:23) MVP: Tomasz Jozefacki

Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle – Asseco Resovia Rzeszow 3:0 (25:21, 25:21, 25:22) MVP: Pawel Zagumny

Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle – Asseco Resovia Rzeszow 3:1 (25:20, 20:25, 25:15, 25:23) MVP: Jurij Gladyr

Big favorite of the second semifinal was definitely Skra Belchatow. They confirmed it by winning three games in a row and loosing only 2 sets. Czestochowa was trying to prove the quality of their game, but it was not really possible with such a dangerous rival and current Polish champion. Now Czestochowa will play with Rzeszow for the thir place and the bronze medal of PlusLiga. It was also a great time of Bartosz Kurek, who gained three MVP’s titles in a row!

Skra Belchatow – AZS Czestochowa 3:0 (25:20, 25:18, 25:19) MVP: Bartosz Kurek

Skra Belchatow – AZS Czestochowa 3:1 (28:30, 25:23, 25:19, 25:22) MVP: Bartosz Kurek

AZS Czestochowa – Skra Belchatow 1:3 (25:21, 23:25, 18:25, 18:25) MVP: Bartosz Kurek