By reason of condensation due to contrast between the cold outside and the heating in the sports hall, the referees was forced to suspend the game.

The game between CMC Ravenna and Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo was absorbing and tied. Ravenna won a long 1st set 33-31 thanks to great block of Corvetta in the 7th set ball, while Cuneo, with a perfect game of Ngapeth, won the 2nd part on advantages. On the scoreboard there was a result 1-1 and 8-7 in the 3rd set when everyone had to stop by reason of condensation due to contrast between the temperature outside (several degrees under 0) and inside (over +20). Actually, it was raining from the roof. To avoid injuries of the athletes, the referees Padoan and Prandi decided to suspend the match, with agreement of everyone.

Now both teams have to wait for the decision of Fipav (Federation of Italian Volleyball) and Italian Volleyball League when to replay the match, also because there don’t exist such precedents in Serie A1 and in Italian Volleyball in general. For now, the date indicated by both societies is Wednesday, February 29th or Thursday, March 1st.